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Common Misconceptions and Limitations about the Design of Tilt-Up Insulated Panels

September 21, 2023 from 11:30am to 12:30pm Eastern Standard Time

Tampa Convention Center [Lower Level - Room 124-125]

Salam Al-Rubaye

This presentation will review the design methods for composite insulated walls that came from the TCA sponsored Gray Book Study. Further, discussion on behavior, in particular as it relates to misconceptions related to previously used design analogies like "percent composite", how to define fully-composite and other misconceptions. Additionally, limitations for design related to thermal deformations, lifting limitations, and questions about in-plane loading are posed and discussed. These limitations, among others, require conservative assumptions until they are more fully understood.


  • Understand basic out-of-plane behavior of insulated walls
  • Understand the limitations of composite behavior, specifically "percent composite" approaches
  • Learn specifics regarding limitations of the available design methods
  • Understand assumptions that may be used for various limitations to enable design

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