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The Motor Enclave [TOUR] [Sold Out]

September 19, 2023 from 12:00pm to 3:00pm Eastern Standard Time

Load Buses Outside of the Tampa Convention Center [Circular Drive Near the Channel Entry]

This session is full. No further registrations are available.

[Select only one Tour] Motor Enclave is many things: a storage facility; a sports car test track and off-road course; and hospitality, event, and office space. Developer Brad Oleshansky likens it to “Topgolf, but for motorsports.” Given its size and scope, a better comparison might be Disney World for auto enthusiasts.

Tours must be selected during registration. Limited space available. Lunch provided. Time subject to change.

Registered Attendees

The following individuals are registered for this session. If you are not currently registered and would like to add this event to your registration, please contact astolte@tilt-up.org or call the TCA at (319) 895-6911. Space is limited.

Alex Montelongo - Carr & Sons Masonry, Inc.

Allen Hendershot - Forcine Concrete & Construction Co.

Angel Jose Soto - T&T Construction Management Group

Anusuya Magudeswaran -

Baxter Alan - Pattillo Construction Corporation

Benjamin Cloud -

Bob Trawick - SureBuilT Concrete Forms & Accessories

Brandon Sleeman - Hughes General Contractors

Brian Connolly - T&T Construction Management Group

Brian Petelle - Randall-Paulson Architects

Brian Roe - Forcine Concrete & Construction Co.

Bruce Feist - Davis Wire

Chad Westall - Custom Rock Formliner

Christopher Schmitter - Mills concrete

Dallin Amendola - Mills concrete

Dan Pratt - Hughes General Contractors

Darian St Michael - Hughes General Contractors

Dennis (DJ) Gibson - Baker Concrete Construction

Derek Preston - T&T Construction Management Group

Don Greive - Pinnacle Structural Engineers

Doug Shaw - Encore Concrete Construction LLC

Edgar Delgado - Carr & Sons Masonry, Inc.

Edgar Juarez - Carr & Sons Masonry, Inc.

Emma Scott - Innovative Brick Systems, LLC

Eric Publicover - Total Integrated Panel Systems

Erin Ondercin -

Fred Bourne - Carr & Sons Masonry, Inc.

Gary Tyler - Hughes General Contractors

Green Alex - Pattillo Construction Corporation

Guido Chaves - Carol Concrete LLC

Harb Rami - Pattillo Construction Corporation

Hector Figueroa - Carr & Sons Masonry, Inc.

Jason Blankenship - Needham DBS

Jason Duffett - Bird Construction

Jason Thomas - T&T Construction Management Group

Jeff Knoblauch - RAM Construction Inc.

Jeremiah Collins - Forcine Concrete & Construction Co.

Jeremy Clark - Stego Industries, LLC

Joaquin Jimenez - Encore Concrete Construction LLC

Judge Morgan - Stego Industries, LLC

Kade Sanchez - Carr & Sons Masonry, Inc.

Katt Price and 1 guest - schaefer

Kevin Kayler - Catamount Constructors, Inc.

Kriza Mae Pongase - SureBuilT Concrete Forms & Accessories

Kyle Jewel - Stego Industries, LLC

Logan Eldridge - T&T Construction Management Group

Luke Eliot - B.D. Stevens Limited

Luke Walker - Carr & Sons Masonry, Inc.

Lupe Delgado - Carr & Sons Masonry, Inc.

Mark Chew - ICC Distribution Group LLC

Mark Scott - Innovative Brick Systems, LLC

Mark Stevens - B.D. Stevens Limited

Matt Reuter - American Contractors Supply

Merv Berkelaar - Citadel Contractors, Inc.

Michael Frew - Citadel Contractors, Inc.

Michael Grejdus - Forcine Concrete & Construction Co.

Momi McCarter and 1 guest - Gordon Highlander

Nate Scott - Innovative Brick Systems, LLC

Nick Falkenham - Bird Construction

Noah Schnell - Carr & Sons Masonry, Inc.

Omar Alshandufi - SureBuilT Concrete Forms & Accessories

Pedro Olivo - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Ray VanSteensburg - Mills concrete

Raymond Elias - Oltmans Construction Co.

Rebecca Thomas - T&T Construction Management Group

Rens Hansort - SureBuilT Concrete Forms & Accessories

Rick Galloway - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Ryan Duren - BSE Structural Engineers LLC

Ryan McDavid - T&T Construction Management Group

Ryan Reny - Catamount Constructors, Inc.

Santos Delgado - Carr & Sons Masonry, Inc.

Sean Vietti - White Cap

Seth mills - Mills concrete

Shane Carr - Carr & Sons Masonry, Inc.

Shawn Eltz - Forcine Concrete & Construction Co.

Sherry Cooney - Innovative Brick Systems, LLC

Shivbhadrasinh Chudasama - T&T Construction Management Group

Spencer Collier-Jarvis - Bird Construction

Steve Wicks - Carr & Sons Masonry, Inc.

Susan Foster - CTS Cement Manufacturing Corp.

Terry Frank - SureBuilT Concrete Forms & Accessories

Thomas Edens - Baker Concrete Construction

Tim Manherz - Encore Concrete Construction LLC

Todd Hughes - Hughes General Contractors

Todd sondgerath - Carr & Sons Masonry, Inc.

Tom Devine - North Bloom Construction Group

Tom Harrison - SureBuilT Concrete Forms & Accessories

Tony Cook - SureBuilT Concrete Forms & Accessories

Tracy Carr - Carr & Sons Masonry, Inc.

Tracy Mclntosh - T&T Construction Management Group

Travis Jennings - BSE Structural Engineers LLC

Victor Maldonado - T&T Construction Management Group

Wes Hawk - Stego Industries, LLC

Wind Mills - Mills concrete

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