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TCA’s Tilt-Up Cyber Roundtable (also known as the technical hotline) has been an essential tool for professionals seeking advice and troubleshooting tips for project issues. Conversations surrounding contract language, engineering details, product reviews, human resource questions, construction techniques, materials research, and more have resulted in a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

Staff Contact

Mitch Bloomquist (Executive Director)
(319) 895-6911

James R. Baty (Technical and Regulatory Affairs)
(319) 895-6911


Bret Melby - Leviat

Tim Manherz - Encore Concrete Construction LLC

Shane Bryan Wayment -

Glenn Doncaster - Citadel Contractors, Inc.

Will Braswell - MBE Structural Engineers LLC

Barclay Gebel - Concrete Strategies, Inc.

Philip Kopf - Kopf Consulting Group, Inc.

Dan Doyle - CE Doyle

Damon Gray - NZ Builders Ltd.

Jason Rapich - MJ Structural Engineers

Tim Stewart - Tucker-Kirby Co.

Gary Anderson -

Joseph J. Steinbicker - Steinbicker & Co., LLC

Jason Thomas - T&T Construction Management Group

Scott Partridge - TGC Structural

IDB CONSTRUCCIONES M. DE C.V. - Constructora Lintel SA de CV

Mark E. Remmetter - MER Engineers, Inc.

Dan Pratt - Hughes General Contractors

Michael LeMark - SpecChem

Jerry Maly - Wiss Janney Elstner Associates, Inc.

Dan Djikanovic - Dan Djikanovic Tilt Up Concrete Construction Consulting (DDC)

Scott Collins - Leviat

Ray Grosshans -

Adam Mahas - Bud Mahas Construction Inc.

Bradley Krahn - Krahn Engineering Ltd.

Jose Caminero-Tavarez - Ingeniería y Representaciones Internacionales, IRSA, S.R.L.

James Williams - AE URBIA aka J. M. Williams and Associates, Inc.

Sam Scurto - Scurto Cement Construction Ltd

Jim Lintz - LJB Engineering

Caleb Isom - DreamWorks Contractors

Michael Frew - Citadel Contractors, Inc.

Chelsea Serrano-Piche - Powers Brown Architecture

Heath Michel - Pinnacle Structural Engineers

Nathan Walsman - schaefer

Geoff Jamieson -

Craig McElroy - McElroy Engineering LLC

Dylan James - Krahn Engineering Ltd.

Ryan Sbrusch - Dudley Engineering

Kyle Smith - AST

Shane Walters - Dayton Superior Corporation

Travis Davis - Hughes General Contractors

Karen S. Hand - Needham DBS

Don Greive - Pinnacle Structural Engineers

Amy Luchun - Lamar Johnson Collaborative

Matt Bell - LJB Engineering

Jason M. Cooper - Arch-Con Corporation

Guillermo Valdez - Suntec Concrete

Chris Jackson - Citadel Contractors, Inc.

Derick Rainey - Nox-Crete Inc.

Jordan Lane - North Delta Engineering

Scott Bunney - KB Concrete Systems, Inc.

Mike Berguin - JC Somero Company, LLC

Tim Neubauer, MS, CSP - Exceed Safety LLC

Estella Matemu - Leviat

Sean McGillicuddy - McGillicuddy Concrete LLC

John Thesing - schaefer

Spencer Love - KH Love Construction

Jim Ronning - Myers & Chapman, Inc.

Michael Hoeft - K&M Concrete Construction

Lisette Fernandez - SureBuilT Concrete Forms & Accessories

Jason Evans - Command Construction Inc

Paul Eason - Century Concrete, Inc.

Travis Jennings - BSE Structural Engineers LLC

Casey Harvey - Custom Concrete Co

Erik Johnson - K Johnson Construction Inc.

Cam Roy - RAM Construction Inc.

Bill Tallon - Wharton Hardware and Supply

Jon Galvez - Suntec Concrete

Mudar Barakat - Leviat

Shawn McNamara - Dayton Superior Corporation

Wade Ambach - Eclipse Engineering

Craig Rasmussen - Forsgren Associates Inc.

Darnell Jones - Con-Dri

John Hoffschneider - All-Phase Concrete Construction

David Lee - The Urban Companies

Michael Gullickson - Valor Contracting LLC

Michael Jones - Primus Design Services, LLC

Jessica Steeple - Hamann Construction

Nicole Laiho - Peak Engineering, Inc.

Jeff Leonhardt - RMW architecture & interiors

Athena Walker - Industrial Rigging Rentals LLC

Craig Olson - Innovative Tilt-Up Design

Jeremy Wingfield - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Kevin Schrock - Architectural Polymers Inc.

Jared Headrick -

Marko Borovic - Borovic Contracting, LLC

Kimberly Corwin - New Chapter, LLC

Robert Libs - AML Inc.

Sheylla Aceves - Tiger Concrete and Screed LLC

Jamal Qinnab - Tilt Wall Ontario Inc.

Carlos Carreño - T&T Construction Management Group

Mark Scott - Innovative Brick Systems, LLC

Jacob Reuter - American Contractors Supply

Marcus Blackburn - Total Integrated Panel Systems

Anastasia Durden - Sunshine of Central Florida, LLC

Robert F. Murray - Alston Construction Company

Nick Decent - raSmith

Richard Sorrow - Straight Line Drafting and Design, LLC

Jonathon Dreith - Bihner Chen Engineering, Ltd.

Allyson Carolino - Century Concrete, Inc.

Randall Voss - Lithko Contracting, LLC

Justin McCarthy - Honolulu Builders, LLC

Ben Wagner - Leviat

Wendy Mccann - Hakanson Construction, Inc.

Jere Miller - Empire Construction LLC

Walid Salman - Krahn Engineering Ltd.

Grainne Warren - Krahn Engineering Ltd.

Logan Eldridge - T&T Construction Management Group

Tyler Atkins - Macgregor Associates Architects

Sean Wonderlich - Needham DBS

Kimberly Kramer - Kansas State University

Martileana Aviles - Dayton Superior Corporation


Robert Hatch - Engineering Systems Solutions

Sean Harrison - B.D. Stevens Limited

Katt Price - schaefer

Scott Markowski - Newcomb Construction Company, Inc.

Mike Roberts - Gray

Johnny Test - Test Dummy Inc

Scott Ratterman - Eclipse Engineering

Rodney Montgomery - Alston Construction Company

Lindsey Bloomquist - Tilt-Up Concrete Association

Len Overbeek - Tilt Wall Ontario Inc.

Joe Kirby - Eclipse Engineering

Mat Gedenberg - Kent Companies

Anthony Perrello - Sullivan Construction Group

Matt Alberding - Concrete Strategies, Inc.

Philip Kopf - Kopf Consulting Group, Inc.

Andrew McPherson - Seretta Construction, Inc.

Joel Grosshans - Panel Masters, Inc.

Paul Killion - TGC Structural

Ben Douglas - American Contractors Supply

Jesse Hunt - Powers Brown Architecture

Cliff Saunders - GluDown, Inc.

Dan Pratt - Hughes General Contractors

Travis Jennings - BSE Structural Engineers LLC

Rob Lotus - Miyamoto International

Donald Terrenzi - McCarthy Concrete, Inc.

Mark Hoffman - Rudolph|Libbe Inc.

Johnny Test - Test Dummy Inc

Johnnie Workman - Flagship Tilt-Wall LLC

Shawn Hickey -

James A White - Bedrock Tilt-Up Construction, Inc.

Mitch Bloomquist - Tilt-Up Concrete Association

Justin Rode - LJB Engineering

James R. Baty - Tilt-Up Concrete Association

Jon McLaughlin - Honolulu Builders, LLC

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