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Adam Fouse - Samet Corporation

Alfonso Fernandez - TAS Concrete Construction

Amy Luchun - Lamar Johnson Collaborative

Barclay Gebel - Concrete Strategies, Inc.

Ben Douglas - American Contractors Supply

Cannon Berrong - Berrong Commercial Services

Chris Jackson - Citadel Contractors, Inc.

Daren Aldag - Panattoni Development

Derick Rainey - Nox-Crete Inc.

Ed McGuire - Bob Moore Construction, Inc.

Eric Kania - Alston Construction Company

Ernie Garcia - Leviat

Estella Matemu - Leviat

Gary Camp - Atlas Sales Company

Jacob Reuter - American Contractors Supply

Jeanette Shaw - Powers Brown Architecture

Jennifer Whitacre - Tincher's Welding, LLC.

Jim Hoenig - Owens Corning

John R. Ashbaugh PE - schaefer

John Hawkins - Tower Pinkster

John Stantz - Randall-Paulson Architects

Jon McLaughlin - Honolulu Builders, LLC

Jorge Figueroa Silva - Tilt Up Asesores SA de CV

Justin E. Burgoon - Clayco

Kevin Cox - AM Concrete Inc

Kimberly Corwin - New Chapter, LLC

Len Overbeek - Tilt Wall Ontario Inc.

Mudar Barakat - Leviat

Nicole Laiho - Peak Engineering, Inc.

Paul Collins - Edifice, LLC

Robert Foley - Connect-EZ

Scott Carter - Robotic Surveying Solution

Shane Walters - Dayton Superior Corporation

Shawn Hickey - Tilt Wall Ontario Inc.

Steve Dollar - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Steven Thomas - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Ted Strahm - Lithko Contracting, LLC

Aaron Daugherty - Frontline Concrete Contracting LLC

Wayne Mangum - IMEG

Aaron Barteau - Insteel Engineered Products

Lexie Eastman-Proctor - Randall-Paulson Architects

Austin Matthews - Leviat

Breanna Harrison - Insteel Engineered Products

Cam Roy - RAM Construction Inc.

Cam Roy - RAM Construction Inc.

Chris Hall - VMG Construction Inc.

Cody Kringlie - IKON Construction

Derek Preston - T&T Construction Management Group

Destry Kenning - SureBuilT Concrete Forms & Accessories

Gerard Vitale - Lamar Johnson Collaborative

Grady Cooper - GMA Structural

John Myhr - T&T Construction Management Group

Jonathon Dreith - Bihner Chen Engineering, Ltd.

Jose Caminero-Tavarez - Ingeniería y Representaciones Internacionales, IRSA, S.R.L.

Justin McCarthy - Honolulu Builders, LLC

Katelyn Parrish - ARCO Design/Build Inc.

Katt Price - schaefer

Kristopher Àlamo - Leviat

Michael Frew - Citadel Contractors, Inc.

Michael Samuhel - Bass Commercial Concrete

Nicola Parrish - Century Concrete, Inc.

Riley Brosseuk - RJC Engineers

Rob Capps - Randall-Paulson Architects


Ryan Sbrusch - Dudley Engineering

Sarah May - Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.

Sebastian Penuela - Alston Construction Company

Sheylla Aceves - Tiger Concrete and Screed LLC

Tanner Fowler - Citadel Contractors, Inc.

Taylor McEachin - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Taylor Wright - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Thomas Lambert - Helix Steel

Tim Fassione - Hensel Phelps Construction Company

Tyler Atkins - Macgregor Associates Architects

Tyler Gagnon - Dayton Superior Corporation

Tyler Simmons - Randall-Paulson Architects

Holly Jergens - Dayton Superior Corporation

Rodney Meerman - VMG Construction Inc.

Jashira Lastra - T&T Construction Management Group

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If this group is of interest to you and you’d like to get involved, use the link below to communicate your details. A member of the group’s leadership will be in touch to bring you up to speed. If for some reason the group is full, no worries. Check out some of the other groups, wait for another to form, or propose a new category of engagement yourself!