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Mitch Bloomquist

Executive Director

Tilt-Up Concrete Association

Mitch Bloomquist serves as Executive Director for the Tilt-Up Concrete Association, the nonprofit professional organization for the global tilt-up construction industry. He facilitates collaboration between a diverse collection of professionals working to advance the design and construction of tilt-up structures. With a passion for community organizing, Mitch is guided by the belief that the most significant impact comes from a collective voice, rich in inclusivity and experience. To that end, Mitch has focused on programming that enhances access to the cross-disciplinary resources of the TCA including the launch of a new online education and training platform, Tilt-Up Academy, the formation of TCA’s young-professionals collaborative, Tilt-Up Industry Leaders of Tomorrow, and the presentation of Tilt-Up Future Think, a series of events working to fast-track real-world application of innovation. In 2019, Mitch established Tilt Lab, a philanthropic partner of the TCA, working to cultivate emerging techniques, technologies, and ideas with promising applicability for the tilt-up concrete construction industry. Mitch graduated with honors from Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa where he studied art and music. He received his Master of Architecture from the Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Design at Washington University in Saint Louis.

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Contact Information

Mitch Bloomquist
PO Box 204
Mount Vernon, IA 52314-0204 US
(319) 895-6911


Tilt-Up Concrete Association
Join Date: January 1, 1986
Expiration Date: December 31, 2100
Primary Contact: Mitch Bloomquist

Influencer Score

Event Participation

Tilt-Up Future Think 4.0
June 2024 | Chicago, Illinois (Attendee)

4th Annual TCA Classic at BridgeMill Athletic Club
April 2024 | Canton, Georgia (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Jubilee at Topgolf - 2024
January 2024 | Las Vegas, Nevada (Attendee)

January 2024 | Las Vegas, Nevada (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Nexus
December 2023 | Vaughan, Ontario (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Convention and Expo 2023 - Tampa
September 2023 | Tampa, Florida (Attendee)

3rd Annual TCA Classic at BridgeMill Athletic Club
April 2023 | Canton, Georgia (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Icon Tour
March 2023 | La Jolla, California (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Jubilee at Topgolf - 2023
January 2023 | Las Vegas, Nevada (Attendee)

January 2023 | Las Vegas, Nevada (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Convention and Expo 2022 - Denver
October 2022 | Denver, Colorado (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Future Think 3.0
May 2022 | Chicago, Illinois (Attendee)

2nd Annual TCA Classic at BridgeMill Athletic Club
April 2022 | Canton, Georgia (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Jubilee at Topgolf - 2022
January 2022 | Las Vegas, Nevada (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Certification - Private Tour 22
January 2022 (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Convention and Expo 2021 - St. Louis
September 2021 | Saint Louis, Missouri (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Jubilee at Topgolf - 2021
June 2021 | Las Vegas, Nevada (Attendee)

Architectural Finishes Roundtable Series
May 2021 (Attendee)

TCA Classic at BridgeMill Athletic Club
April 2021 | Canton, Georgia (Attendee)

TILT Work Day
January 2021 (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Academy
December 2020 (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Convention and Expo 2020 - Virtual
October 2020 (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Series: PHX
December 2019 | Phoenix, Arizona (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Convention and Expo 2019 - Atlanta
September 2019 | Atlanta, Georgia (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Series: ATL
November 2018 | Atlanta, Georgia (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Convention and Expo 2018 - Dallas
September 2018 | Dallas, Texas (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Series: St Louis
February 2018 | St Louis, Missouri (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Series: DC
December 2017 | Tysons Corner, Virginia (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Convention and Expo 2017 - Miami
September 2017 | Miami, Florida (Attendee)

Winter Tilt-Up Jubilee - 2017
January 2017 | Las Vegas, Nevada (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Convention and Expo 2016 - Denver
October 2016 | Denver, Colorado (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Convention and Expo 2015 - New Brunswick
September 2015 | New Brunswick, New Jersey (Attendee)

Winter Tilt-Up Jubilee - 2015
February 2015 | Las Vegas, Nevada (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Convention and Expo 2014 - San Jose
October 2014 | San Jose, California (Attendee)

TCA Conference 2012: Latin America
June 2012 | Punta Cana, (Attendee)

Committee Membership

Tilt-Up Cyber Roundtable
April 2020 - Present (Executive Director)

Participating Manufacturers Advisory Council
February 2020 - Present (Executive Director)

High-End Finishes Task Group
February 2020 - Present (Executive Director)

Convention Host Committee - Phoenix
January 2020 - December 2021 (Executive Director)

Convention Host Committee - St. Louis
November 2019 - November 2021 (Executive Director)

Tilt Lab Board of Directors
October 2019 - Present (Executive Director)

Workforce/Market Development COE
January 2019 - February 2021 (Ex Officio)

Networking COE
January 2019 - December 2020 (Ex Officio)

Philanthropy/Advocacy COE
January 2019 - December 2020 (Ex Officio)

Technical COE
January 2019 - December 2020 (Ex Officio)

Tilt-Up Detail Study Task Group (TILT)
January 2019 - Present (Ex Officio)

Tilt-Up Industry Leaders of Tomorrow
January 2019 - December 2021 (Executive Director)

Tilt-Up Industry Leaders of Tomorrow Board of Directors
January 2019 - Present (Executive Director)

Engineering Task Group on Partially Composite Sandwich Panels
January 2018 - Present (Executive Director)

Tilt-Up Concrete Association Board of Directors
January 2015 - December 2019 (Executive Director)

Executive Committee
January 2015 - December 2023 (Executive Director)

TCA Staff Members
August 2010 - Present (Executive Director)


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