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The Convention Host Committee is a dedicated team of local experts representing the Phoenix area's design and construction community. Their role is pivotal in the planning and execution of the 2024 Tilt-Up Convention and Expo, celebrating its 25th Anniversary in Phoenix, Arizona. This committee plays a crucial part in shaping the event, ensuring its success by fostering innovation, collaboration, and industry growth, while also showcasing the unique character of Phoenix to a global audience. The committee members' expertise and commitment contribute significantly to making the convention a memorable and impactful milestone in the tilt-up industry's journey.


Guillermo Valdez (Chair)
(602) 997-0937


Local Engagement and Networking: Drive engagement within the local community and foster valuable networks to boost attendance and fundraising strategically.

Event Planning and Enhancement: Provide strategic insights for planning and enhancing special events, including venue selection and the creation of unique experiences in line with the convention's goals.

Outdoor Demonstration Leadership: Take a lead role in organizing and executing outdoor demonstrations that align with the convention's objectives and offer valuable insights to attendees.

Cultural Integration: Infuse the event with the rich culture, traditions, and attractions of Phoenix, Arizona, enriching the convention experience with local character and charm.

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