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In 2018 the Tilt-Up Concrete Association Board of Directors formalized an initiative to establish a young professionals collaborative with access to the cross-disciplinary resources of the TCA in service of becoming the organization’s future leaders, by self-initiating programs that manifest today’s problems solved in terms of the future. A total of 39 individuals were selected to participate in a kick-off event in Las Vegas on January 22, 2019 during World of Concrete. At this event, participants are charged with formulating their mission, programming and structure through a series of exercises designed by a professional facilitator programed with the objectives and policies set forth by the TCA Board of Directors.


Michael Frew (Co-Chair)
(919) 362-5122

Sean Harrison (Co-Chair)
(902) 209-8161

Nick Heinz (Co-Chair)
(832) 727-3684

Dylan James (Co-Chair)
(604) 614-3268

Travis Jennings (Co-Chair)
(913) 492-7400

Chad Marshall (Co-Chair)
(704) 728-9784

Katt Price (Co-Chair)
(513) 379-5155

Mark Stevens (Co-Chair)
(902) 817-4015

Chelsea Serrano-Piche (Co-Chair)
(832) 856-5354

Staff Contact

Mitch Bloomquist (Executive Director)
(319) 895-6911


Tayssir Babbili - Leviat

Ned Brown - Gray

Justin E. Burgoon - Clayco

Chase Carter - TAS Commercial Concrete

Kylie Dennis -

Kyle Eason - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Jillian Favia - Alston Construction Company

Michael Frew - Citadel Contractors, Inc.

Sean Harrison - B.D. Stevens Limited

Nick Heinz - E. E. Reed Construction, L.P.

Andrew Holt - K N K Concrete Express, Inc.

Jesse Hunt - Powers Brown Architecture

Dylan James - Krahn Engineering Ltd.

Soheb Javaid - Powers Brown Architecture

Travis Jennings - BSE Structural Engineers LLC

Shannon Knell - Swinerton Builders

Caitlin Koetter - Seretta Construction Texas, LLC

Rob Lotus - Miyamoto International

Chad Marshall - Evans General Contractors

Jeremiah Masterson - K N K Concrete Express, Inc.

Heath Michel - Pinnacle Structural Engineers

Elliot Moore - C. Overaa & Company

Peter-John Murphy - Alston Construction Company

Tony Padavich - Seretta Construction Mid-Atlantic, LLC

Josh Perryman - Alston Construction Company

Katt Price - schaefer

Mike Roberts - Gray

Justin Rode - LJB Inc.

J T Rutrough - Procon, Inc.

Nate Scott - Innovative Brick Systems, LLC

Mark Stevens - B.D. Stevens Limited

Jeremy Stilley - Martin Harris Construction

Jeremy Wingfield - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Michael Murphy - Burton Construction

Nathan Soltis - Lithko Contracting, Inc.

Chelsea Serrano-Piche - Powers Brown Architecture

Richard Brown - Allen Concrete & Masonry Inc.

Mitch Bloomquist - Tilt-Up Concrete Association

Ben Bolves - Seretta Construction Texas, LLC

Cliff Saunders - GluDown, Inc.

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If this group is of interest to you and you’d like to get involved, use the link below to communicate your details. A member of the group’s leadership will be in touch to bring you up to speed. If for some reason the group is full, no worries. Check out some of the other groups, wait for another to form, or propose a new category of engagement yourself!