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Luke Pinkerton

Chief Technology Officer and Founder
Helix Steel

Luke Pinkerton is the CTO and founder of Helix Steel. He has a BS in engineering physics from Hope College and an MS in structural engineering from the University of Michigan in 1999. He earned an MBA degree from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2004.

While earning his MS in Structural Engineering, Mr. Pinkerton worked extensively in the area of fiber reinforced concrete including the early development of Helix and was responsible for the design and fabrication of the first equipment to manufacture twisted fibers. Prior to Helix Steel, Mr. Pinkerton was at General Dynamics as a structural engineer involved with the research and development team assembled to design the US Navy's next generation destroyer class ship – with particular interest in the area of shock loading analysis, blast resistant structure design and test management.

Mr. Pinkerton is a member of ACI and a member of the ACI 544 Committee for Fiber Reinforced Concrete and ACI Committee 332 for Residential Concrete Work. He is a published author in industry related trade journals.


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