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Luke Pinkerton

Helix Steel

Luke Pinkerton, PE (ME) is the President, Chief Technology Officer, and founder of Helix Steel. He has a BS in engineering physics from Hope College, an MS in structural engineering from the University of Michigan, and an MBA from Georgia Institute of Technology. Luke is Chair of the direct tension task group of ASTM Committee C09, Secretary of ACI 380 (structural plain concrete), consulting member of ACI 332 (residential construction), and associate member ACI 544 (fiber reinforced concrete), ACI 551 (tilt-up panels) and ACI 564 (3D printing). In his work, he has employed alternative flexural strength performance-based design approaches in thousands of structures since 2002. In 2018, he was awarded the Tilt Up Concrete Associations Robert Aiken Award for Innovation for his work in this area. He is committed to providing leadership within the concrete industry as well as to the advancement of discontinuous reinforcement technology.
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Robert Aiken Memorial Award

The Robert Aiken Memorial Award recognizes the spirit of innovation contributed by an individual or company. The visionary commitment by this person(s) helps move the industry forward, resolve conflicts and challenges, and open new doors for the tilt-up industry.



The award honors the achievements of Robert Aiken, one of the founding fathers of site-cast tilt-up construction. Learn more >

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