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Session 2: Digital Integration

June 24, 2024 from 1:00pm to 2:45pm Central Standard Time

Edlis Neeson Theater

Eohan George

Amir Hajibabaee, Ph.D.

Digital Integration unveils the transformative potential of technology in the construction sphere. From leveraging augmented reality for enhanced precision in construction processes to employing neural networks for smarter material development, and exploring the future role of robotics in building, this session provides a deep dive into how digital tools are revolutionizing construction methodologies.

Digits: Numbers, Fingers, and Code in Design for Fabrication: Tristan Al-Haddad leads Formations Studio, a blended art + architecture + fabrication practice based in Atlanta, Georgia. Tristan will discuss his work oriented around the DAM Paradigm, (Digitally Augmented Making) as it relates to concrete formwork.

Transforming Tilt-Up with AR Technology: Join us as we delve into the future of tilt-up construction. Discover how Augmented Reality (AR) will reshape the forming process, allowing for enhanced efficiency and precision. We’ll showcase a compelling proof of concept, demonstrating a new way of placing embedded products within the formwork facilitated by AR technology. Explore the transformative potential of AR in tilt-up construction and envision the possibilities for streamlining workflows.

Optimizing Supplementary Cementitious Material Blends for Concrete Enhancement: Discover the innovative approach of utilizing simulations, artificial neural networks, and control charts to optimize the chemical compositions of fly ash blends, a key supplementary cementitious material (SCM) in concrete production. This cutting-edge technique empowers manufacturers to produce functional, in-spec SCM blends to enhance concrete properties and facilitate decarbonization.

Lights-Out Construction: Can Robots Build Our Cities While We Sleep?: We all dream of a future where robots tirelessly build our cities, but is this science fiction or an achievable reality? We'll explore the challenges and opportunities of automating construction, shed light on how advancements in robotics can revolutionize the industry, and discuss the limitations of current technology in handling the dynamic nature of construction sites. Is collaborative construction, where humans and robots work together, leveraging each other's strengths, the path toward lights-out manufacturing?

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