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Amir Hajibabaee

Senior Research Engineer & Data Scientist
Ozinga Ready Mix Concrete, Inc.

Amir Hajibabaee, a Civil Engineer with a background in both laboratory and field settings with near two decades of research experience, earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree with a specialization in Construction Materials from Oklahoma State University, where he investigated alternative cement systems and researched curing methods to mitigate shrinkage in cementitious materials. His contributions have been disseminated through numerous publications (over 20 publications including DOT reports, journal papers, and conference articles) in reputable journals such as the Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, Cement and Concrete Research, and ACI Special Publication, showcasing his commitment to advancing the knowledge base of the industry. During his tenure at Oklahoma State University, Dr. Hajibabaee undertook a comprehensive curriculum, delving into topics ranging from Concrete Durability to Continuum Mechanics as well as Solid State Physics.

In his current role as Senior Research Engineer & Data Scientist at Ozinga Bros. Inc. in Chicago, IL, Dr. Hajibabaee leads initiatives to explore innovative concrete technologies. His responsibilities include researching new concrete formulations, overseeing the establishment of a state-of-the-art concrete laboratory, and collaborating with external research groups to drive advancements in the field. Notably, he has played a pivotal role in the development of eco-friendly concrete blends, such as CarbonSense Cements, and the implementation of AI models for mix optimization. He also co-authored and submitted several proposals with other universities to major funding agencies to investigate and research more sustainable materials and methods.

Beyond his research endeavors, Dr. Hajibabaee actively engages with professional organizations such as ASTM and the American Concrete Institute, where he contributes as a member of various committees. He also serves as a journal reviewer for esteemed publications, providing valuable insights to the academic community. In recognition of his dedication and contributions to the field, Dr. Hajibabaee has received accolades such as the ASTM Emerging Professional Award and scholarships from Oklahoma State University. Dr. Hajibabaee has presented his research findings at prestigious conferences such as the Fall 2017 ACI Convention in Anaheim, CA, the 37th Annual Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Conference in Kansas City, MO, and the 4th Advanced Workshop on Concrete Pavements in Round Top, Texas. These presentations reflect his commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration within the civil engineering community.

Photo of Amir Hajibabaee

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