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Tilt-Up Top Ten: Heaviest Panel

These project listings are continually updated to showcase the extents to which Tilt-Up construction has been successfully used.

Click on any project to learn more. The organizations listed as participant for each are current TCA Members and would be happy to assist you on your next tilt-up project.

  1. Ocean Center
    Daytona Beach, FL
    339,000 lbs  /  153,768 kg
  2. Toho Water Authority Administrative Headquarters
    Kissimmee, FL
    330,000 lbs  /  149,685 kg
  3. Legacy Corporate Center 3
    Plano, TX
    315,100 lbs  /  142,927 kg
  4. Broadway 101 Commercepark
    Mesa, AZ
    313,100 lbs  /  142,020 kg
  5. Warehouse/Distribution Center
    Ontario, ON
    310,100 lbs  /  140,659 kg
  6. Northgate Distribution Center - Buildings 1 & 2
    Las Vegas, NV
    309,000 lbs  /  140,160 kg
  7. Northgate Distribution Center
    Las Vegas, NV
    309,000 lbs  /  140,160 kg
  8. Port Everglades - Terminal 18
    Hollywood, FL
    295,526 lbs  /  134,048 kg
  9. Carson Tahoe Hospital
    Carson City, NV
    292,000 lbs  /  132,449 kg
  10. Republic National Distributing Company
    Ashland, VA
    280,000 lbs  /  127,006 kg

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