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Jeffrey Brown, FAIA, FTCA

Founding Principal/CEO
Powers Brown Architecture

Jeffrey Brown is a past president of the Tilt-Up Concrete Association and the founding principal of Powers Brown Architecture with offices in Houston, Denver, Washington, DC and Toronto, Ontario. His work related to tilt-up construction methodology is expansive and transformative. He is the author of Tiltwallism: A Treatise on the Architectural Potential of Tilt Wall Construction, a book that examines the design opportunities available when engaging in the architectural exploration of a low technology / low cost form of construction and Confirmation Bias, which explores the peculiar relationship between the practicing architectural community, the architectural elite and academia, the construction industry and commercial development realities. Jeffrey was elevated to the American Institute of Architect's prestigious college of fellows largely for his work and research related to tilt-up and is the only two-time recipient of the Irving Gill Progressive Architecture award from the TCA.

Photo of Jeffrey Brown

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