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BigWig Lunch Talk: Shawn Hickey

January 23-1, 2025 Central Standard Time

BigWig Lunch Talks expose young professionals to the unique and inspiring stories of the tilt-up industry’s most successful architects, engineers and contractors. This talk from the series features Shawn Hickey, FTCA. Shawn can be described as a tilt-up expert, educator, facilitator, trainer, TCA board member and president, a “Most Influential People in Concrete” and a coveted Murray Parker award recipient. All this describes a leader with passion, experience and commitment in tilt-up built over nearly thirty years. Shawn’s leadership has been received throughout the U.S., Canada, and as far away as the Middle-East. Shawn continues to define leadership impact on this Association yet his vision for tilt-up certification and a commitment to safety training are two of his largest contributions to the image of the TCA today.

  • If you have any questions, please contact the TCA at (319) 895-6911.

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