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769 CTC

Summarize the project's program, features, and achievements: This 95,000 square foot speculative building was built on one of the last industrial/commercial plots in the very popular Colorado Tech Center in Louisville, Colorado. The development has high standard for aesthetics and attracts tenants from aerospace engineering, shipping giants to boutique users like rock climbing gyms, club volleyball and parkour gyms. Ultimate flexibility while still being affordable to build were key to this project.

What obstacles were overcome related to the schedule, budget, program, specification, site, etc. on this project? The local jurisdiction can be difficult to deal with and please from an aesthetics perspective. The City often requires major modifications to the overall look and feel of buildings. In addition, construction began on this project right as the City suffered major housing losses in the historic Marshall Fire. 600+ homes were destroyed in one night causing the building department to be overwhelmed.

Please communicate any engineering complexities or unique features of the panel design for this project. ? The looks and layout of the panels created the need for multiple spandrel panel conditions to support the roof and close the envelope. Creative engineering was needed to support these spandrels and prevent the adjacent panels from overturning. Additional steel support was required to allow for storefront glass in lieu of more expensive curtain wall.

What is the potential for this project's impact on the community and/or environment? Louisville, Colorado has a unique mix of industry from aerospace, to food production, to outdoor gear and more. This building provides much needed additional flex space to the Louisville community.

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Project Location

Louisville, CO 80027
United States

Project Images


Project Team (TCA Members)

General Contractor:
Brinkmann Constructors
Concrete Contractor:
Powers Brown Architecture
Peak Engineering, Inc.
Rocky Mountain Photography

Project Specifics

Project Category:
Building Types:
Distribution Center
Paint (Flat)
Cantilevered Panels
Embedded Items
Number of Floors:
Tilt-Up Wall Area:
53,000 sq ft (4,924 sq m)
Total Floor Area:
95,000 sq ft (8,826 sq m)
Project Footprint:
95,000 sq ft (8,826 sq m)
Tallest Panel:
42 ft 9 in (13.03 m)
Widest Panel:
30 ft 10 in (9.40 m)
Largest Panel:
1,320 sq ft (122.6 sq m)
Heaviest Panel:
130,000 lbs (58,967 kg)
Longest Spandrel:
27 ft 0 in (8.23 m)