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Berkshire Business Center

Summarize the project's program, features, and achievements: a. The 67,000 square foot project was built as a speculative industrial facility capable of accommodating multiple tenants. The building’s main features are the dynamic, angled panels at the primary corner and center entry features. This building demonstrates the latest tilt-up concrete technology and capabilities with a strong reveal design, form liner textures, ACM wrapped canopies and beam wraps, vertical fins, and “U”-shaped tilt box column elements. The architectural language demonstrates relief through varying heights of the panels, panel overlaps, and the symmetrical reveal and hierarchy of the paint pattern.

What obstacles were overcome related to the schedule, budget, program, specification, site, etc. on this project? The building was constructed during the winter months which typically experience the most rainfall, making the sitework challenging. However, the GC was able to mitigate the risk by establishing and stabilizing the building pad early, and pouring the slab quickly. This allowed for very few delays in panel forming and erection and made it possible to deliver the building on schedule. This was critical as the entire building had tenant leases signed during shell construction and the tenant upfits were able to be constructed immediately.

Please communicate any engineering complexities or unique features of the panel design for this project. ? The most interesting aspects of this building were the entrance panels that varied in height. These panels were lapped and cast at an angle to match the ribbed form liner layout incorporated by MSA. Hidden connections were utilized on the exterior of the building in order to connect the ‘U’ shaped panel to the main building panel. The other challenge was with the alignment of the diagonal reveals as they spanned multiple panel joints.

What is the potential for this project's impact on the community and/or environment? This Building is the first of two buildings to be completed in Berkshire Business Park. This new building was located in the back portion of an aging industrial area and has re-vitalized this development attracting Class A tenants and inspiring new industrial development or re-development in the park. It has brought activity and life to what was once an aging industrial park. This building has brought new jobs to the Pineville area, and has been featured in the Charlotte Business Journal as “Industrial’s New Frontier.” The building has established a stronger connection between the periphery of the industrial corridor of Charlotte and Pineville and spurred economic growth to a smaller town outside of Charlotte.

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Project Location

Pineville, NC 28134
United States


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Project Images


Project Team (TCA Members)

General Contractor:
Concrete Contractor:
Merriman Schmitt Architects, Inc.
Carlo Pieroni

Project Specifics

Project Category:
Sports / Recreation
Building Types:
Recreation Center
Applied Ornament
Paint (Textured)
Angled Panels (Elevation-Edge/Shape)
Shadow Panels
Number of Floors:
Tilt-Up Wall Area:
47,232 sq ft (4,388 sq m)
Total Floor Area:
67,000 sq ft (6,224 sq m)
Project Footprint:
67,000 sq ft (6,224 sq m)
Tallest Panel:
39 ft 8 in (12.09 m)
Widest Panel:
29 ft 9 in (9.07 m)
Largest Panel:
964 sq ft (89.6 sq m)
Heaviest Panel:
96,000 lbs (43,545 kg)