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Data Systems & Technology, Inc. (DST)

Data Systems & Technology, Inc. (DST) was founded in Sierra Vista and the owner wanted a western headquarters facility that would celebrate its success with the community. As such, DST worked closely with the mayor to identify and acquire the site of an abandoned and poorly constructed eyesore located in the redevelopment initiate area.

DST envisioned a LEED-certified, high quality building that would incorporate current and embrace future technologies, while helping restore the area. They sought an energy efficient solution with windows and a rooftop terrace. Tilt-Up construction was the ideal solution.

A key component of sustainability is construction of a long-lasting durable building. Tilt-Up meets this criterion in several ways. As a wall-bearing construction system, the need for perimeter columns (with additional footings), as well as beams, is eliminated, reducing the number of columns and beams in the structure by 50 percent. The lack of the bumps on exterior walls the columns create is a big benefit when space-planning the tenant suites.

Utilizing Tilt-Up allows for wide open interior spaces and optimal design flexibility, which was essential since DST intended to occupy the second floor and sought retail and/or office tenants for the first floor. Another benefit of Tilt-Up is that concrete construction does not rust, support mold growth or burn. The large panels reduce uncontrolled infiltration and the reinforcing steel contains significant amounts of recycled steel. Since ready-mixed concrete is locally produced, the majority of material is locally mined and the wall panels are simply moved a few feet instead of being shipped hundreds of miles. And, when the building is no longer useful, the concrete and rebar are easily and locally recycled. The exterior of the wall was coated with Tex-Cote cool wall, one of the most thermally reflective paint available. This feature not only reduces cooling costs, but it also increases the life of the paint itself.

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Project Location

Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
United States


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Project Team (TCA Members)

General Contractor:
Concrete Contractor:
SAA Architecture LLC
LJB Inc.
Dayton Superior Corporation

Project Specifics

Project Category:
Building Types:
Number of Floors:
Project Footprint:
7,000 sq ft (650 sq m)