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Eric Sterner, Associate AIA

LAST Architects

Eric’s ability to distill curated and disorganized information into designed responses has afforded him numerous awards and opportunities, but is rooted in his upbringing and belief in architecture and practice of design. A native of blue-collar Bethlehem Pennsylvania, Eric grew up influenced by the local community – one that practiced conscious awareness of physical and social pride. Watching the closing of the Bethlehem Steel and the subsequent change within the City sparked an interest in the power that architecture can play not only physically, but in the storyline and memory within our lives. Eric moved to Arizona to attend the University of Arizona in 2010 where he received his Bachelor of Architecture (5 Year) NAAB Accredited Degree. After graduating, Eric moved to Phoenix and began his professional career with Architekton. This opportunity gave Eric an environment to practice formulating designed responses from active listening and research into both the history and future of materials and technology. As a designer, Eric explores the human connections to the landscape while bridging the theories and practices of psychology, architecture, music, literature and art into his work. He questions the assumed cultural constructions and embraces the fact that the urban is a place of passion and conflict. As a collaborator, he is inspired to arrange social, historical and physical conditions of a place. Recognized for his exhibition work showcasing social assimilation, Eric continues this research and work in built practice focusing on users personal integrity to define space and design.
Photo of Eric Sterner

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Case Study: Exploring a Historic Native Vernacular with Tilt-Up
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