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Poking Holes in the Box

February 5 to January 1, 2025 Central Standard Time

Bart Shaw, FAIA

Completed in 2017, Fort Worth Camera has become an instant icon in Fort Worth. The site-cast concrete panels dominate the buildings facade with an unedited, natural concrete finish. 175 conical holes were cast into a 53 foot long, 16 foot high wall, placed just a few feet from the street give the building a singular character. Situated adjacent to Fort Worth’s Museum District with two world famous concrete structures, the building holds its own and is a testament to the craftsman that were part of its formation. The presentation will discuss the drivers leading to the success of the project including the techniques involved in the formwork, casting, erection, and complimentary construction.


  • Investigate available fabrication techniques and creative ways to successfully express conceptual design in finished construction.
  • Discuss the benefits of tilt-wall construction to aesthetic quality of concrete.
  • Relay the importance of involving contractors, engineers and architects in dialogue about the design and quality of construction goals before beginning construction. Explain how these conversations have influenced their construction approach.
  • Examine how the selection of tilt-wall relates to resilience and durability to address clients program requirements.

Fort Worth Camera by Ibañez Shaw Architecture. Photos by Dror Baldinger, FAIA

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