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Confluence Park

October 1 to January 1, 2025 Central Standard Time

In March 2018, Confluence Park opened to the public in San Antonio, Texas. The product of over 10 years of development by the client, the San Antonio River Foundation, the project represents an important case study in design and construction innovation, especially in regards to tilt-up concrete construction. After several years of development by the client focused on site selection and land acquisition, early design explorations with other teams, and fundraising, the final design team started in late 2014 and was tasked by the client to develop an educational park for the local community. The client’s mission centered on creating a civic space that was both inspirational and aspirational while educating the community on issues of sustainability, water conservation, and the ecology of the San Antonio River watershed.

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Confluence Park by Lake|Flato Architects and Matsys Design
Image by Casey Dunn

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