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Tilt-Up Supervisor and Technician Certification Exam

September 27, 2019 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm


Separate registration is required for this session. The exam is closed book and candidates will have two hours to complete the exam.

Registered Attendees

The following individuals are registered for this session. If you are not currently registered and would like to add this event to your registration, please contact jbarr1@tilt-up.org or call the TCA at (319) 895-6911. Space is limited.

Adelaido Garza - T&T Construction

Alan Bates - Jay-Ton Concrete Construction Company

Ben Bolves - Seretta Construction Texas, LLC

Ben Brovont - Procon, Inc.

Ben Lipscomb - Jay-Ton Concrete Construction Company

Ben Zimmerman - Procon, Inc.

Caitlin Koetter - Seretta Construction Texas, LLC

Candace Almengor - Seretta Construction Mid-Atlantic, LLC

Carlos Carreno - T&T Construction

Carlos Mendoza - T&T Construction

Casey Williams - Williams Concrete Contracting LLC

Chris Smith - Evans General Contractors

Christopher St. Michael - Stout Building Contractors

Claire Carter - F. Greek Development

Curtis Downes - ARCO Design/Build Industrial

Curtis Skou - Hughes General Contractors

Damon Schlott - Stief Concrete Work, Inc.

Dave McCauley - Kent Companies

David Hooks - Seretta Construction Mid-Atlantic, LLC

David Peltier - Seretta Construction Mid-Atlantic, LLC

Derek Preston - T&T Construction

Devon Vance - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Donald L. Smith - Kelley Construction Co., Inc.

Frank W Zollo III - Victory Concrete Contractors, Inc. US

Henry Anderson - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Hermilo Acosta - Jay-Ton Concrete Construction Company

Hunter Medlock - Williams Concrete Contracting LLC

Isreal Zolar - Williams Concrete Contracting LLC

J T Rutrough - Procon, Inc.

Jaime Garcia - Jay-Ton Concrete Construction Company

James Tyrone - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Jason Hausner - Avid Services, LLC

Jeff Grebla - Victory Concrete Contractors, Inc. US

Jeffery Kelly - Al Neyer

Jesus Antonio - Citadel Contractors, Inc.

Jesus Garcia - Jay-Ton Concrete Construction Company

Jesus Hernandez - Williams Concrete Contracting LLC

Joe Kirby - Eclipse Engineering, Inc.

John Martin - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Jose Otero - Williams Concrete Contracting LLC

Joseph Lee - Browder + Leguizamon and Associates Inc.

Josh Reed - Construction Materials, Inc.

Kevin Cox - T&T Construction

Lyle Scott Davies - Stout Building Contractors

Mason Jeans - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Mat Gedenberg - Kent Companies

Matthew Buckley - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Michael Callister - Hughes General Contractors

Nate Sellers - Jay-Ton Concrete Construction Company

Nathan Watson - Browder + Leguizamon and Associates Inc.

Octavio Juarez - Seretta Construction Mid-Atlantic, LLC

Pablo Morales - T&T Construction

Paul Killion - T Gerding Construction Co.

Peter Christensen - Precision Concrete Construction Company, Inc.

Roy Lathan - Kelley Construction Co., Inc.

Scott Ramsey - T&T Construction

Stan Miller - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Steve Bluestein - Victory Concrete Contractors, Inc. US

Tanner Cutts - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Thomas Casillas - Kent Companies

Tom France - HGC Construction Co.

Victor Marshall - Kent Companies

William Brown - DSE Erectors, Inc.