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Expectations are rising. Quality once celebrated has been left in the dust by a new level of craftsmanship. Concrete science that has served the building industry well for decades is being transformed by new research, breakthroughs in technology and a better understanding of its performance. Speed of construction that impressed previous generations is now considered average as new levels of efficiency emerge. And once thought of as luxuries, sustainability and resiliency now come standard. We’re expecting more from our materials and technologies. Owners are expecting more from their builders and designers. Communities are expecting more from their neighbors and developers are expecting more for their dollar.


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Outdoor Demo DETAILS

Outdoor Demonstrations

September 26, 2019 from 6:00pm to 8:30pm

Location: Load Bus at Courtland St. Driveway located on the International Level

This year's outdoor demo is focused on the demonstration of techniques and technologies that rise to the challenge of today's demanding market. The event will consist of 12-14 stations, each presenting a single topic. Small groups of attendees will move from station to station allowing for more intimate and interactive demonstrations.