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Project summary provided by submitting company.

Tize is a concrete insulated tilt-up panel home on the Sunshine Coast. Each panel consisted of 6" of 32Mpa 2mm concrete as the structural layer, 8" of EPS as insulation and a 2" veneer layer made from SCC concrete. The home has a continuous insulation wrap, this was achieved via insulated footings and running the insulation under the slab and through the roof. The home was designed using solar passive design principles the home is south facing for maximum sun exposure. The panels feature resawn wood impressions. We also cast and craned into place a full set of stairs on the exterior of the home. Energy model shows a 7000kWh annual energy load. The home features a 12.5kW Solar System, 8000L water retention tanks and a 120,000 gallon water retention pond. We achieved an ACH of 1.12, the reason for this number not being lower is predominately the chimney, there is a Zehnder HRV installed to maintain continuous fresh to the home. We installed an insulated spandrel panel above a 24' sliding door and window package on the ground floor. We made internal panels without cut outs for living spaces, cut these once in place. This made lifting an accuracy of holes much easier than it would have been alternatively.

We used the following products in the manufacture of the home:

  • Nox-crete Release Agent #10
  • Dayton T-14 B5 braces
  • 35T PH hydraulic crane - site had very tough access, home designed to not have panels too large for this crane to handle.
  • Steel casting tables, plasma cut for straightness, epoxy coated to 240 grit for smooth finish
  • Nirvana Pins from Surebuilt
  • Innovative Silicote, Innovative Concrete Protector
  • Standard Rebar Standard Remesh in veneer layer
  • Lifting anchors from Dayton - Dayton grout sleeve, allowed us to stack one panel on another
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Project Location

, BC


The Tilt-Up Achievement Awards were established to honor projects that use site-cast tilt-up concrete to introduce new building types, advance industry technology and provide unique solutions to building programs. Winning entries illustrate the variety, beauty, and flexibility of tilt-up construction.



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Project Team (TCA Members)

General Contractor:
NZ Builders
Concrete Contractor:
Dayton Superior Corporation
Dayton Superior Corporation
Nox-Crete Products Group
Leanna Rathkelly

Project Specifics

Project Category:
Single-Family Housing
Building Types:
Angled Panels (Elevation-Edge/Shape)
Stacked Panels
Sandwich Panel (Composite)
Number of Floors:
Number of Panels:
18 panels
Tilt-Up Wall Area:
4,195 sq ft (390 sq m)
Total Floor Area:
2,805 sq ft (261 sq m)
Project Footprint:
1,563 sq ft (145 sq m)
Tallest Panel:
28 ft 4 in (8.65 m)
Widest Panel:
28 ft 4 in (8.64 m)
Largest Panel:
364 sq ft (33.8 sq m)
Heaviest Panel:
36,366 lbs (16,495 kg)
Longest Spandrel:
26 ft 11 in (8.20 m)