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Architects, Engineers, Developers and Contractors across the country are taking tilt-up to new levels. They're utilizing this most flexible building system to realize new markets, executing high-end, Class-A finishes and calling on the intrinsic properties of tilt-up to meet increasingly stringent energy codes. Best of all, they're willing to share their experience and expertise with you.
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Registration is closed for Tilt-Up Series: Vancouver.

July 27, 2017

8 am - 12 pm: Certification Seminar & Exam
1 pm - 5 pm: Seminar Series
5 pm - 7 pm: Cocktail Reception

Delta Hotels Burnaby Conference Center
4331 Dominion Street
Burnaby, British Columbia VG5 1C7

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Platinum Sponsor
ICC Distribution Group LLC
Leviat Sustaining
Richform Construction Supply Co. Ltd.
Wales McLelland Construction

- Certified company     - Sustaining member

Tilt-Up Series Planning Committee - Vancouver


Jared Krish - (Member)

John Murray - Ainsworth Group of Companies (Member)

Douglas Pearce - Eagle Specialized Coatings and Protected Environments (Member)

Walid Salman - Krahn Engineering Ltd. (Member)

Darryl Dixon - Leviat (Member)

Mitch McCaulley - Nox-Crete Inc. (Member)

Jeff Knoblauch - RAM Construction Inc. (Member)

Paul Heinrichs PE - Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd. (Member)

Brad Bond - Richform Construction Supply Co. Ltd. (Member)

Janis Freeman - Wales McLelland Construction (Member)