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TCA Company Certification Program The goal of the TCA Company Certification Program is to provide owners, specifiers, and designers with a method for assuring the experience, quality and performance of tilt-up concrete contractors. The program will certify that companies who manage the tilt-up construction process have met the criteria established for evaluation. The criteria includes analysis of company policies, procedures, and ability to consistently deliver a quality product and that they hire trained, certified and qualified personnel in all aspects of the tilt-up construction process. The emphasis of the program is on quality control and quality assurance but safety, experience, current activity, adherence to specifications, and owner verification of performance are part of the evaluation criteria. An on-site review of company documents is performed to confirm and verify the information presented. Companies experience, performance, and adherence to the programs requirements are reviewed annually. There are two levels of certification: General Tilt-Up Contractor and Architectural Tilt-Up Contractor. Details of the program are enumerated in the Program Policy Manual.


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