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Since 1982, Schuchmann Structural Associates has offered high quality structural engineering, consulting and professional design services worldwide. Our team strives to continually offer high value innovative design and engineering solutions to save our clients time and money while still maintaining the level of quality and practicality expected from leaders in Tilt-Up design. We work with owners, architects, design-builders and contractors on professional projects scaling large international distribution centers, large complex retail centers, multi-story office buildings, and industrial/manufacturing facilities to bring professional projects from concept to completion.

Employer: Schuchmann Structural Associates LLC
Posted on: March 8, 2019
Employment type: 15c95172-00d9-cf41-b1d3-0b3ee4ad077d

Contact Details: If you are a qualified and motivated professional who wants to join our team, please send a cover letter, resume, references, and salary requirements to Careers@SSA-Engineers.com.

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Structural Engineer