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Remaining Calm in the Storm

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What a difficult year this continues to be. First there was a national health crisis, then a national financial crisis, and then national political unrest. If viewed independently, each of these events are considered a major crisis, but combining the three has set our nation, our families, our friends, and our associates at odds with each other. We have not yet reached the conclusion to any of these crises and our futures are at risk unless they are resolved. Certainly, we all have hopes and aspirations for a healthier tomorrow, but it’s going to take a lot of teamwork, focus, and determination as a society to get there. As I look around at what has been impacted the most by this year’s challenges, my family and my work organization rise to the top of the list. 

What are the commonalities between these two? Daily communication, trust, and common interests. My family, work staff, and I have extreme differences in opinion regarding the current political, social, and health issues that are affecting our nation. Seldom do any two people agree with the other’s view on one of these topics—let alone all three. No quick fixes are available and each of these issues brings up twenty secondary issues that that are equally as important, relevant, and controversial.

In dealing with my work colleagues and my family, the conversations are not lost or silenced. They are dealt with in a respectable manner, and we maintain efforts to move forward and address the concerns that may impact our group’s futures. There is no walking on eggshells or individual feelings of inadequacy because we confidently and respectfully voice our opinions—and know we are being heard. 

When I’m with the TCA’s board of directors, I can sense the varying opinions in the group. All of the members on the board respect everyone else’s opinions, and once the group gets into “business mode” we merge into the TCA board, making constructive decisions and establishing strategies that will benefit all TCA members as a whole—not as individuals. The TCA board is one of a few places in my career where I feel secure and supported by such a diverse group.

During our virtual Tilt-up Convention and Expo in October, I felt great strength coming from our membership to push us forward and not segregate any person or group from the normality of our industry. We all moved ahead to gain connections, insight, and integrity for the TCA. Seeing this made me proud to be a member of the TCA. 

The TCA strived to find a virtual Convention and Expo setting that would meet (and maybe exceed) our usual standards, despite challenges presented by the pandemic. As a group, we gathered online, adapted, and moved forward to make this a great event. This experience invited us to consider how future conferences might be adapted to provide alternatives for access and attendance. Our membership showed up and proved that we will adapt and we will succeed, as the TCA always has, but now with a larger and more diverse group than ever before. Thank you all for attending the conference and making us a better group, collectively. 

Scott Bunney

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