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If you haven’t been participating in the Tilt-Up Concrete Association’s technical community known as the Tilt-Up Cyber Round Table you have missed a lot. More than a year ago, the TCA expanded its support for members by offering a convenient way to participate in conversations about tilt-up construction. The Tilt-Up Cyber Round Table is an interactive service that offers greater input and access to our knowledge base, the membership. The community expanded from the TCA Hotline, a resource providing prompt access to our technical staff and corroboration from the TCA Technical Committee. Below is a sampling of the latest discussion topics.

  • Stacking Panels with Floor Dowel Requirements
  • Caulking and Painting Application Specifications
  • Paintable Caulking Options
  • Performance-Based vs. Specification-Based Engineering
  • Walking Cranes On Panels
  • Nail & Brace Hole Patching for Floors
  • Continuous Roof Diaphragm Chord Options
  • Embedding Natural Stone in Tilt-Up Exterior Faces
  • Timing of Brace Removal
  • Recommended Panel Design Software Options
  • Critical Lift Plans for Tilt-Up Panel Erections
  • Bond Release on Rebar
  • Panel Collapse Cause Review


Step 1:
Interested persons request participation by emailing hotline@tilt-up.org with the subject of “Add Me” or something similar.
Step 2:
TCA staff will confirm the active status of the individuals membership or work with them to establish effective membership. Once satisfied, the person is added to the communication list for the Tilt-Up Cyber Round Table.
Step 3:
Any member may access the hotline by sending a question directly to the hotline or to TCA staff. TCA’s manager for technical and regulatory affairs, Jim Baty, will review the nature of the question and distribute it to the hotline participant list. Each participant will receive the question but not the list of participants.
Step 4:
Recipients decide whether they have anything to contribute to the inquiry. A response is sent easily as a reply to hotmail@tilt-up.org according to the original email.
Step 5:
All responses are reviewed and recirculated once again to the participants. It is up to the respondents whether they wish to include their contact information (highly recommended) for follow-up direct communication.

Using this service, there is never a question received nor a response offered that isn’t first reviewed by TCA staff. Censorship is never intended, but review is offered to ensure quality and consistency in the communication.