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Cedar Heights Business Centre

Summarize the project's program, features, and achievements: The Cedar Heights Business Centre is a light industrial development located in Surrey, BC, Canada. Situated at the eastern entrance of Campbell Heights Business Park along 32nd Avenue, this seven-unit strata building spans over 108,000 square feet and was completed in 2022. The strategic positioning of Cedar Heights Business Centre provides excellent visibility and convenient access to major transportation routes connecting Metro Vancouver and the US border. While this market has continued to see significant new development, it has proven strong fundamentals, with a stable vacancy rate currently at 0.1%. Cedar Heights Business Centre has effectively met the demand for industrial space in the region. The strata units at Cedar Heights Business Centre cater to a wide range of industrial uses, offering tenants ample options based on their specific operational requirements. The inclusion of a mezzanine level adds further flexibility, allowing for the integration of office components as needed. This adaptability enables tenants to tailor their units to suit their unique needs and optimize operational efficiency. The architectural design of Cedar Heights Business Centre is visually striking, with intentional design elements that enhance its aesthetic appeal. The tilt-up structure features panels reaching heights of up to 34 feet and weighing over 119,054 pounds, creating a grand and distinctive appearance. Functionality and efficiency are prioritized in the facility's design. With a generous 26-foot clear ceiling height, the interior space allows for versatile industrial operations. High-efficiency LED lighting ensures energy efficiency and cost savings. The construction utilizes insulated concrete tilt-up panels, providing excellent thermal insulation and durability. The Cedar Heights Business Centre stands as a testament to successful industrial development in Surrey, BC. With its prime location, flexible unit sizes, visually appealing design, and emphasis on functionality, it has become an attractive destination for businesses seeking an industrial space in the area.

What obstacles were overcome related to the schedule, budget, program, specification, site, etc. on this project? One of the major challenges faced was the unseasonable cold weather during the winter work period, which significantly affected concrete-related activities. The extreme cold could lead to freezing or poor curing of the concrete, jeopardizing the quality and structural integrity of the building. To tackle this obstacle, meticulous planning and coordination were crucial. The project team had to carefully schedule concrete pours, taking into account the weather forecast to identify suitable periods with milder temperatures. By implementing such measures, the team successfully mitigated potential risks associated with cold weather, ensuring the success of the project.

Please communicate any engineering complexities or unique features of the panel design for this project. ? In the Cedar Heights Business Centre project, several unique features were incorporated into the panel design to overcome specific challenges and optimize the construction process. A unique feature of the panel design was the intentional limitation of the weight to under 100,000 lbs. This constraint was imposed to facilitate crane selection, considering the limited size of the construction site. By ensuring that the panels remained within this weight limit, the project team could choose appropriate cranes that could operate efficiently within the confined space, minimizing potential risks and maximizing productivity. Furthermore, meticulous panel layout planning was undertaken to eliminate the need for stacker panels and casting beds. Given the small footprint of the building, it was crucial to promote the efficiency of the tilt-up construction method itself. By carefully organizing the panel layout, the team optimized the sequencing of panel erection, reducing the need for additional equipment and streamlining the overall construction process. Overall, the panel design for the Cedar Heights Business Centre project demonstrated a keen understanding of the project's unique challenges and site limitations. By addressing the complexities associated with winter work, selecting cranes suitable for the constrained space, and optimizing panel layout to enhance construction efficiency, the engineering team successfully mitigated potential obstacles and contributed to the overall success of the project.

What is the potential for this project's impact on the community and/or environment? Through implementing the Orion-led Development Works Agreement, which involved over 50 properties in the area, the project provided various public services and amenities that benefit the community. One of the key aspects of the project's impact on the community is the provision of major infrastructure requirements. This includes the development of new streets, water supply, sanitary systems, power infrastructure, and storm services. These additions enhance the overall infrastructure of the area, improving accessibility, utilities, and services for the community. The new streets contribute to better transportation networks, while improved water, sanitary, and power systems ensure reliable and efficient services for residents and businesses. These upgrades enhance the quality of life for the community by providing essential infrastructure that supports daily activities and economic development. By front-ending these services and completing them earlier in the project timeline, the community can enjoy the benefits sooner. This proactive approach demonstrates a commitment to meeting community needs and enhancing the area's livability during and after the construction process. The positive impact is not only limited to the completion of the primary development but also extends to the range of public services and improvements provided, which have a lasting effect on the community's well-being. The project's focus on providing sustainable infrastructure contributes to environmental conservation and resource efficiency. For example, incorporating modern stormwater management systems can help mitigate the negative effects of urban runoff and improve water quality.

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Project Location

Surrey, BC V3S 9V2


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Project Images


Project Team (TCA Members)

General Contractor:
Concrete Contractor:
Weiler Smith Bowers Structural Engineers
Andrew Fyfe

Project Specifics

Project Category:
Building Types:
Distribution Center
Paint (Flat)
Cantilevered Panels
Embedded Items
Sandwich Panel (Composite)
Number of Floors:
Tilt-Up Wall Area:
50,963 sq ft (4,734 sq m)
Total Floor Area:
108,351 sq ft (10,066 sq m)
Project Footprint:
95,011 sq ft (8,827 sq m)
Tallest Panel:
34 ft 11 in (10.64 m)
Widest Panel:
33 ft 5 in (10.19 m)
Largest Panel:
753 sq ft (70.0 sq m)
Heaviest Panel:
119,054 lbs (54,002 kg)
Tallest Cantilever:
12 ft 4 in (3.76 m)
Longest Spandrel:
21 ft 4 in (6.50 m)