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History of the TCA

The Tilt-Up Concrete Association was founded in 1986 by a dedicated group of contractors, professionals, and manufacturers with the interest of improving the quality and acceptance of Tilt-Up construction.

The mission of the Tilt-Up Concrete Association is to expand and improve the use of Tilt-Up as the preferred building system by providing education and resources that enhance quality and performance.

Tilt-Up Concrete Association Guidelines

  • Develop and expand Tilt-Up concrete markets.
  • Represent the Tilt-Up Concrete Industry to users, designers, and specifiers.
  • Disseminate engineering and architectural data.
  • Provide training and educational programs for the Industry, its users and specifiers.
  • Encourage high standards for quality in design and construction.
  • Achieve a large Contractor, Associate and Professional membership.
  • Solicit members regardless of the company's business volume.
  • Encourage, recognize and reward excellence in the utilization of Tilt-Up concrete.
  • Maintain a professional stature as the best informed organization on the subject of Tilt-Up concrete.
  • Develop standards, code provisions and specification to meet industry needs.
  • Create an image that inspires consumer confidence in our Industry.
  • Collect and disseminate statistics, ideas and information relating to the Tilt-Up industry.
  • Maximize involvement of all categories of members in Association activities.
  • Promote a continuing safety program.
  • Secure efficient cooperation between the Tilt-Up industry and architects, engineers, contractors, real estate developers, government officials and allied or related associations and institutes.
  • Issue publications to disseminate information of value to its members, the public and government.
  • Operate without profit and no part of the income of the organization shall inure to the benefit of any individual member.
  • Represent the interests of the Tilt-Up industry to the model building codes.
  • Communicate business opportunities to TCA members.

Past Presidents

Many individuals freely give of their time and money to serve the Tilt-Up Concrete Association. Listed below are the past presidents of the TCA.

  • 2012/2013* - Glenn Doncaster, Citadel Contractors
  • 2011 - Ed McGuire, Bob Moore Construction
  • 2010 - Jimmie Ballard, CMC Construction Services
  • 2009 - Jim MacKinnon, Saunders Construction
  • 2008 - Alan Wilson, Haskell
  • 2007 - David Tomasula, LJB Inc.
  • 2006 - Laurence Smith, J W Lindsay Enterprises Ltd
  • 2005 - Al Engelman, Engelman Construction, Inc.
  • 2004 - Clay Fischer, Woodland Construction Co Inc.
  • 2003 - Glen Stephens, Stephens Architectural Associates
  • 2002 - Phil Kopf, The Kopf Consulting Group
  • 2001 - Sherman Balch, Balch Enterprises Inc.
  • 2000 - Shawn Hickey, SiteCast Construction Corporation
  • 1999 - Mike Sugrue, Con/Steel Design Systems
  • 1998 - Philip Kopf, The Kopf Consulting Group
  • 1997 - David Moses, Clayco Construction Company
  • 1996 - David Prizio, Prizio Construction Inc.
  • 1995 - Steve Miers, Tilt-Up Concrete Inc.
  • 1994 - R. Randolph Simmons, R R Simmons
  • 1993 - Murray Parker, B D Stevens Ltd
  • 1992 - Murray Parker, B D Stevens Ltd
  • 1991 - Lawrence Clark, L D Clark Building Company
  • 1990 - David Kelly, Meadow Burke
  • 1989 - Robert W. Theisen, Tilt Pro Company
  • 1988 - Robert Foley, Con/Steel Design Systems
  • 1987 - Peter Courtois, Dayton Superior Corporation
  • 1986 - Peter Courtois, Dayton Superior Corporation

* In 2012, the TCA Board of Directors modified the by-laws to set the term for presidents at two years in order to bring about greater effectiveness in leading the Association for the years to come.