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Andrew McPherson, FTCA

Seretta Construction, Inc.

Who can forget seeing McPherson front and center in a TCA commercial for membership bringing a frank and in-your-face challenge for membership and participation. For Andrew McPherson, a past president, fellow, and current chair of ACI’s 551 Committee for Tilt-Up Construction, the value of the TCA is undeniable and participation in the industry requires a membership commitment. McPherson is a behind the scenes leader that challenges systems and intentions to ensure that the multi-faceted environment evolving in the Association serves each professional category adequately while continuing to celebrate and challenge the contractor at the heart of our origin. Over the last decade, McPherson has been part of every major TCA initiative and committee, maintained a constant presence for the Hotline and representing the Association’s best interests on a variety of related interest committees at ACI such as 117 – Tolerances, 302 – Slab Construction and 301 – Specifications. He currently runs the day to day operations of the Florida office for Seretta Construction, Inc. and is involved in all aspects of the North Carolina and Texas offices.

Photo of Andrew McPherson

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