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Chad Bruce, MBA

President / CEO
GluDown, Inc.

Chad’s extensive background in the adhesive industry started at an early age through visiting his father’s adhesive company. This is where he developed an interest in not only bonding materials together but understanding how to improve the assembly process. After attending the University of Kansas and receiving degrees in Mathematics and Education, Chad joined the family business in 2003. From there he worked directly with world class adhesive companies such as Henkel and HB Fuller and their technical departments to develop specialized adhesives which solved industry challenges. While working towards his MBA from University of Texas at Dallas, he leveraged his classmates to help launch GluDown’s first Tilt Up Adhesive at the 2011 Tilt Up Association event in Kansas City. During the last 10 years, Chad has been an advocate for the industry and its commitment to continuous improvement and growth.
Photo of Chad Bruce

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