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Mohsen Zehtabchian

COO & Co-Founder

Mohsen Zehtabchian serves as the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Amatec, a trailblazing company at the forefront of the PreFab industry. A recent alumnus of York University's Schulich School of Business in Toronto, Canada, he holds an International Bachelor of Business Administration. At Amatec, his ambition is centered on revolutionizing the construction sector by introducing HDG (High-Density Gypsum), an innovative building material characterized by its rapid curing time and moldability. This groundbreaking material was developed by his business partner, Igor Stavrulov. Stationed in Newark, New Jersey, both founders are pivotal members of the SOS Ventures community, operating from a prime facility dedicated to supporting ventures within the hard tech domain.
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Session 1: Materials & Methodologies
Tilt-Up Future Think 4.0 - June 24, 2024

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