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  1. You must be an active TCA Member to submit. Non-Members do not qualify for the awards program. Join the TCA at www.tilt-up.org/join. Eligible projects include any TCA Member project, completed in any year, that has not previously won a Tilt-Up Achievement Award. Projects under construction that are not yet completed are not eligible.
  2. All required information must be provided to be considered. We request that you work within the project team to diligently provide as much information as possible regarding the design and construction team, construction statistics, and the products and materials used to benefit industry recognition. The TCA reserves the right to waive minor deficiencies in the award submittal and to contact the submitting company for additional information if needed.
  3. You are highly encouraged to provide photography/video that evidences both the construction of this project from a tilt-up perspective as well as finished photography/video detailing and conveying the completed composition of your project; both are necessary to develop a full appreciation of the work.
  4. Each individual entry will be charged an entry fee of $245 (US). Please call TCA headquarters at (319) 895-6911 with any payment questions.
  5. The submittal deadline is June 1 of each year for the project awards division. Entries submitted after this date will be automatically entered into the following year's program.


  1. Project images must be uploaded according to the instructions during the online award submittal process. Contact the TCA at (319) 895-6911 with any questions. All material must be received by the TCA before the awards deadline.
  2. Copyright material (photographs) must be identified. It is the responsibility of the submitting company to communicate any necessary photo credits.
  3. Submit 6-10 photos of the project. Overall shots are critical, as are detail-oriented or "zoomed-in" images of unique features. Interior shots are only effective if showcasing an interior tilt-up feature. The photos submitted will be used for both print and video materials for a variety of marketing and public relations efforts. It is essential that ALL images are provided in high resolution. 300dpi at 8 x 12 inches or 2,400px x 3,600px minimum.


The judges retained for deliberating on the submitted projects will review each project based on the following criteria. Consider these criteria as you craft your submittal.

  • AC – Architectural Creativity (0-40) (40%): For this category, architectural creativity could refer to the unique way in which tilt-up elements are treated, featured, and or integrated into the design of the project. Judges will look for a clear architectural concept that is carried out throughout the project. They will evaluate how the panels are manipulated, shaped, and positioned. Additionally, judges will observe how panes interact with other building systems and elements.
  • CC – Construction Creativity (0-20) (20%): Award points in this category are based on the level of creativity, difficulty, and quality of the project’s construction. Challenges related to site conditions, location, panel size, and shape are considered alongside evaluation of craftsmanship, quality control, and precision.
  • EC – Engineering Creativity (0-20) (20%): Award points in this category are based on the level of creativity, ingenuity, and complexity of the project’s engineering. Challenges related to panel size and shape, lift and brace engineering, supply chain limitations, combinations of various structural systems, etc., are considered.
  • IA – Industry Advancement (0-5) (5%): Judges will evaluate the degree to which any project increases public awareness or enthusiasm for tilt-up construction methodology. Points in this category could be awarded for owner/developer satisfaction, unique or high-profile application, the introduction of new technology, etc.
  • CE – Community, and Environment (0-5) (5%): Contributions to the community and environment will be awarded in this category. Judges will evaluate each project’s incorporation of sustainable materials and technologies as well as its community impact.
  • B – Bonus Points (0-10) (10%): In addition to the three main categories, bonus points could be awarded at the judge's discretion to projects that stand out amongst the nominees and or present techniques, applications, challenges, or solutions beyond even some of the most impressive projects.


  1. By submitting an entry, entrants take full responsibility for the accuracy of all information submitted and warrant that all necessary permissions have been obtained from others who may have rights to the work. Entrants further acknowledge that no royalty or compensation is due to anyone, hold TCA its sponsors, staff, consultants, and members harmless from all liability, and grant to TCA the non-exclusive right to publish, reproduce and distribute copies of the original entry.

Submit a Project


To make the online submission as efficient as possible, please have the following items ready:

  1. Basic information including the name and location of the project.
  2. Contact information for team members (general contractor, tilt-up sub, architect, engineer, etc.) that participated in the project.
  3. Detailed project data including tallest panel height, widest panel length, project square footage, and more.
  4. Finishes, accessories, and other products, including any formliners, paint, insulation, etc.
  5. Between 6 and 10 high-resolution (professional preferred) digital photographs of the project.
  6. Narrative answers to the following questions:
    1. Summarize the project's program, features, and achievements. (Public Summary)
    2. What obstacles were overcome related to the schedule, budget, program, specification, site, etc. on this project?
    3. Please communicate any engineering complexities or unique features of the panel design for this project.
    4. What is the potential for this project's impact on the community and /or environment?


You may edit your submittal until the June 1st deadline. A link will be provided in your confirmation email for this purpose.


Each individual entry will be charged an entry fee of $245 (US) during the submittal process.