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Sowing the Seeds of Inclusivity and Reaping the Fruits of Diversity

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Diversity has long been an asset and value of the Tilt-Up Concrete Association. From the beginning, the TCA has been composed of a diverse collection of professionals, and it continues to be so today. Inclusivity, though, has to be intentional. The formation of the TCA young professionals’ collaborative, Tilt-Up Industry Leaders of Tomorrow (TILT), has inspired new initiatives and has attracted a fresh perspective.

Through a new video series, the TCA is working with TILT to more closely examine the ways different generations engage, support, and benefit from the association. The series is meant to pose questions that keep us on our feet and encourage engagement from all generations.


The ten-episode series is called “I’m a young professional. I’m an adult.” Young Professional, or YP, is a young and hip woman working to make a difference but struggling to understand her place. Adult is a middle-aged man at the top of the corporate ladder just trying to keep things on track. Both fulfill every generational stereotype and are frustrated with each other’s fickle dispositions. Nonetheless, they continue to be surprised and encouraged by their shared interest in their professional organization.

Binge-watch all ten episodes online now at or on the TCA’s Vimeo page at

Directed by Jacob Moyer

Written and Produced by Mitch Bloomquist

Generational Consultant: Amy Lynch

Adult – Patrick Albanese

Young Professional – McKenzie Paulsen

All content copyright Tilt-Up Concrete Association 2019.


Episode 1: OK, Boomer
Viewers are introduced to Young Professional and Adult. Young Professional expresses her desire to make an impact.
Episode 2: You know, get involved.
Adult weighs the pros and cons of sending YP to a networking event in Las Vegas.
Episode 3: I thought you had, like, 600 friends?
YP and Adult are at a work social. Adult has lots of friends while YP struggles to recognize any of her contacts.
Episode 4: I have a life, you know?
YP volunteers to chair a new committee, but Adult questions her commitment.
Episode 5: They seem to have it all.
After a blow-up in the previous episode, YP and Adult work together to come to an understanding.
Episode 6: It’s just the right thing to do.
Adult strikes up an unlikely friendship with a young kid who shares his values related to association membership.
Episode 7: That’s not how we do it.
YP suggests trying some new technology she picked up from the Tilt-Up Convention. Adult is resistant.
Episode 8: I want to be a contractor.
The kid is back, and while Adult is not happy about it, they continue to bond over shared views.
Episode 9: Technical Hotline.
Adult struggles with a unique detail. YP encourages him to utilize the association’s technical forum.
Episode 10: The breakup.
Season 1 ends with a scare as Adult fears YP is moving along to greener pastures.


Members of the Tilt-Up Concrete Association are invited to share personal stories from their career relating to those presented in this series. These stories will be posted at and will serve to round out the full story of generations working together. Through better awareness of the intentions, contexts, and prejudices involved in these situations, we are able to see that, despite our dissimilarities, we share goals, experiences, failures, needs, and successes. To quote Maya Angelou’s Human Family, “I note the obvious differences between each sort and type, but we are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.”


Informed by the video series and storytelling project, the TCA is working to maximize inclusivity. We are creating new programming and checking old programming to be sure it is inclusive of all professions, ages, sexes, ethnicity and career stages. It started with the formation of our new young professionals’ collaborative, TILT. With their input, we have renovated our model for engagement to be more transparent and accessible. We have expanded our awards program to better recognize the diverse collection of companies and individuals contributing to the industry. We have expanded our educational offerings to serve a broader audience, and we are nearly ready to announce a new mentorship program for the industry. Additionally, we publish many of our resources in multiple languages. 

We do all of this because we benefit from the great diversity of our industry and our membership.

“…[I]t puts us all in it together in no uncertain terms – my contractor colleagues, structural engineers and many subcontractors all have common ground in this organization. That cannot be said for any other group we individually belong to, and that is where the future power of the TCA’s voice will be found – the diversity of professions that have tilt-up in common.”

Jeffrey Brown, FAIA, FTCA – Powers Brown Architecture

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