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A New Tool For TCA Members

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Each year,  thousands of people look to the Tilt-Up Concrete Association for architects, engineers, contractors and suppliers with expertise in tilt-up construction. To better present our members and their services, and to radically improve the experience of locating a tilt-up professional, the TCA has made significant investments in new database management technology and has created a completely new website. Together, these two investments will provide great value to member companies and be powerful tools for those potential clients looking for experts in tilt-up design and construction. Some of the new features related to the member directory and company profile pages are outlined below.

  • Areas of Operation: Many people seeking tilt-up professionals look for those located in a specific city, not understanding that many professionals work regionally if not nationally. To better present this reality, members may now identify their areas of operation by selecting specific U.S. states and Canadian provinces where they do work.
  • Services Offered: Often, users of our previous member directory were left in the dark when searching for a specific kind of professional. Now, instead of companies being listed by member type, companies will be listed by the services they provide. For example, next to a company’s name you might see one of the following categories: contracting: general, contracting: tilt-up sub, contracting: design/build, architecture, engineering: structural, engineering: lifting and bracing, supplier: manufacturer, supplier: distributor, etc.
  • Primary Public Contact: In the past, a person searching for a member would be given general contact information but no one specific to connect with. Now, members are able to assign a designated public contact, such as a business development professional, to be displayed on their profile page. This contact can be different from the primary contact associated with your TCA membership.
  • Engagement: To better communicate a company’s level of engagement, each member’s profile page will feature a listing of individual and company awards received, articles authored, committees served and much more.
  • Representative Work: Each member’s online public profile page will feature representative work linked to our new robust project database (more on that in the coming weeks).
  • Company Certification: If you are a TCA certified company, we are going to make sure people know it, no matter where they come across your name on our site. From the member directory to project listings and awards, your certification will accompany your name on our website. As users search our new database, they will be able to filter the results to display certified companies only.
  • Sustaining Members: Those giving extra to ensure the good work of the TCA through a sustaining membership will stand out amongst the crowd with special graphics and callouts throughout the site.
  • Product Directory: In addition to the revamped member directory, we will make those companies supplying products to the industry searchable through a new product directory. Again, these listings will be tied back to the member’s public profile page.

The primary contact for each organization has received, by mail and email, instructions for setting up a profile. The majority of content on each member’s profile can be edited and updated by an authorized company representative through our new member database.

Mitch Bloomquist

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