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As I take over the role of President, I do so knowing the TCA is stronger than it has ever been. My immediate predecessors, Jeffrey Brown and Shane Miller, both did outstanding work. While their methods (and definitely their personalities) are completely different from one another, each one of them always had the TCA’s best interest in mind and both made great progress. I plan to continue with the progress we have made and continue to shape the TCA into the best organization and resource of knowledge in the industry.
Having been on the board for six years, I have been a part of, and witness to, the TCA’s remarkable progress. There have been too many small improvements in operations and efficiencies to list. As far as major items go:

  • We have made sure the TCA is financially viable in the event of another economic downturn or, heaven forbid, another “Great Recession.”
  • The Annual Conventions have been drastically improved in both content and attendance (know they are not independent of each other) and we have started “mini-conventions” in markets the board feels appropriate.
  • Online continuing education is on the horizon as another benefit to the members, as a way to not only be a resource for people unfamiliar with tilt-wall but as a way to bring in more design professionals to the TCA. (If anyone has ever presented a lunch/learn program, then you know Architects love their PDHs.)
  • The TCA Certified Company Program now has solid traction and it will quickly get bigger and stronger. I see this program as the standard by which quality developers, design teams and contractors will create their bid invitations in the very near future.

The current board is represented across the spectrum of design professionals, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers. There is also a well-represented age group (in other words, old guys like me and younger people who are not as beat up). With no reservation, I can say that all of the current board members are participating to better both the industry and organization, and that no one has any self-serving motives or hidden agendas. They are all active for the right reasons.

Lastly (since I know contractors have a short attention span), I want to let our members know that our staff is a huge part of why the TCA has become what it has become. The board can give all the directives we want but if there were not a great staff to implement, think on their feet, make suggestions and share the direction they believe is best for the TCA, then progress would stop at the end of each board meeting.
We appreciate all of the member and sponsor support, and know that I plan on continuing the advancement and enhancing the great reputation of our organization.

Andrew S McPherson

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