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Erik Spicker, PE

Regional Manager

LJB Inc.

Erik Spicker, P.E., is the manager of LJB Inc.’s office in Houston, Texas, which has grown to a team of almost 20 since it was established in 2015. Erik has more than 25 years of experience managing structural design projects for clients in the light industrial, office, residential, educational and transit sectors. He has more than 15 years of experience with tilt-up design.

Photo of Erik Spicker, PE

Contact Information

Erik Spicker, PE
16225 Park Ten Pl Ste 275
Houston, TX 77084-7215 US
(832) 862-3352


LJB Inc.
Join Date: July 1, 1986
Expiration Date: December 31, 2023
Primary Contact: Erik Spicker

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Event Participation

Tilt-Up Convention and Expo 2022 - Denver
October 2022 | Denver, Colorado (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Jubilee at Topgolf - 2022
January 2022 | Las Vegas, Nevada (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Convention and Expo 2021 - St. Louis
September 2021 | Saint Louis, Missouri (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Jubilee at Topgolf - 2021
June 2021 | Las Vegas, Nevada (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Convention and Expo 2020 - Virtual
October 2020 (Attendee)

Winter Tilt-Up Jubilee - 2020
February 2020 | Las Vegas, Nevada (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Convention and Expo 2019 - Atlanta
September 2019 | Atlanta, Georgia (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Future Think 2.0
June 2019 | Denver, Colorado (Attendee)

Winter Tilt-Up Jubilee - 2019
January 2019 | Las Vegas, Nevada (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Convention and Expo 2018 - Dallas
September 2018 | Dallas, Texas (Attendee)

Winter Tilt-Up Jubilee - 2018
January 2018 | Las Vegas, Nevada (Attendee)

Tilt-Up Convention and Expo 2017 - Miami
September 2017 | Miami, Florida (Attendee)

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Education Committee
April 2019 - Present (Member)


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