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Troubleshooting High-End Finishes

February 22, 2018 from 3:00pm to 4:00pm Central Standard Time

Regency E-F

Tim Manherz, FTCA

Tilt-up construction is revered as one of the most broadly applied construction systems. Part of the attraction is the palette of high-end finishes that continues to grow in all regions. Design and construction professionals not only must recognize the wide range of finishes and techniques that are now available, accurate cost/waste estimating, informed detailing and the ability to understand the impact to schedule are imperative to solve the complex conditions they can create in the field.

Tim brings decades of high-end finish techniques and experience to this presentation. He will cover the design details, application and delivery options for such finishes as form liners, thin brick, exposed aggregate, staining, color admixtures, polishing and textured coatings.

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