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This task group consists of TCA members from various fields, including construction, design, engineering, and manufacturing related to tilt-up panels. Their collective efforts are dedicated to shaping industry standards and best practices focused on enhancing tilt-up panel maintenance expertise. The primary objective of this group is to develop a comprehensive manual that empowers tilt-up building owners to effectively plan and execute regular maintenance throughout the building's lifespan, ultimately ensuring the longevity and sustainability of their structures.


Travis Davis (Co-Chair)
(801) 292-1411

Barclay Gebel (Co-Chair)
(314) 595-6300


Develop a set of clear and practical maintenance guidelines and best practices specifically tailored to tilt-up wall panels. These guidelines will encompass inspection procedures, cleaning methods, and protective measures to maximize the lifespan of tilt-up buildings.

Create educational resources such as workshops, webinars, and informative materials that disseminate knowledge about tilt-up panel maintenance. These resources will serve not only task force members but also industry professionals and building owners interested in proper maintenance techniques.

Foster research and innovation in tilt-up panel maintenance, with a focus on sustainable and cost-effective solutions. Collaborate with experts in materials science and engineering to explore new technologies and materials that can enhance the longevity and performance of tilt-up panels.

Develop a framework for assessing maintenance needs based on geographic location variables and the era of construction. Consider the evolution of building codes and standards over time and in different regions to provide tailored recommendations for building owners.

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