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Concrete has long been recognized as a choice material for projects that demand strength and durability.

Concrete is simply unmatched in terms of strength and durability.

The strength of Tilt-Up concrete buildings was proven in the Northridge, California earthquake, where Tilt-Up walls stood, even when roof connectors failed. What's more, buildings constructed in the 1940s show little sign of age after 50 years. In fact, buildings dating back to as early as 1906 are still in service today. Tilt-Up structures withstand wind and hail storms and are impenetrable by the smallest rodent, insect, or even the most determined human.

Localized damage is minimized.

Damage to a concrete building from a truck or fork-lift is generally minimal. Metal or wood buildings will usually sustain substantial damage from similar incidents.

Concrete is a tremendous fire-resistant material.

Fire resistance of concrete can extend the building's life, plus Tilt-Up panels may be used for the interior fire walls, and buildings may be spaced closer together under many building codes.