Rededicating Ourselves to the Mission and Each Other

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA Most people celebrated the end of 2020 with an expectation of forthcoming pandemic relief, optimism for economic stabilization and recovery, and seeing glimpses of light at the end of a long dark tunnel. I don’t think anyone anticipated the three historic weeks that would open 2021 and the gravity […]

Remaining Calm in the Storm

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA What a difficult year this continues to be. First there was a national health crisis, then a national financial crisis, and then national political unrest. If viewed independently, each of these events are considered a major crisis, but combining the three has set our nation, our families, our friends, […]

Pivot and Persevere

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA This year, we couldn’t be together. But we virtually shared space. We weren’t able to gather and share critical and valuable knowledge. But we found a way to disseminate information. We missed the live demonstrations, exhibits, and project tours. So we held them online. We couldn’t celebrate, together, the […]

What is a Virtual Conference?

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA I am an old school, pencil-to-paper type of guy. I like handshakes, face-to-face meetings, and the excitement of the negotiation. With the pandemic, I have found myself disabled, in many ways, by the loss of my favorite personal tools, and I have been looking for new tools to use. […]

The 2020 Tilt-Up Convention and Expo is Going Virtual, but it will Remain Human

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA Countless organizations have made their event cancelation announcements over the past couple of months. The vast majority, understandably, have expressed how difficult the decision was and how unfortunate it is to be canceling. I feel for those organizations, as I understand what these events mean for our associations and […]

To Each Other, We’ve Always Been Essential

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA If this pandemic has anything good to offer this world, it may be a new appreciation for just how connected we all are. Within the Tilt-Up Concrete Association, I think we have understood this to be true for some time. It is why the organization was founded as a […]

Strength in Numbers — but 6-Feet Apart

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA We have all been experiencing conditions of extreme change and are now focused on managing our lives and business operations around it. What does the future hold, and how do we plan and react to the aftermath of the ghost, COVID-19?   To start, we must recognize that many […]

Thank You!

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA For my last update as President of the Board of Directors for the Tilt-Up Concrete Association, I wanted to start by thanking everyone who has helped make this past year a terrific experience. My fellow members of the board are a terrific group to work with, and the staff […]

Show Me

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA The powerful rivers flowing through Missouri are connected to many aspects of the state’s history. Its title as the “Show Me State,” however, likely has origins elsewhere. Many conjecture that this memorable title came from Rep. Willard D. Vandiver’s words in 1899, when he said, “Frothy eloquence neither convinces […]


Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA As I mentioned in my last letter, construction innovation has been on my mind this year, and in that piece, I challenged everyone to explore innovative ways for the TCA to promote new products and services. I am happy to report that last month’s annual TCA Convention and Expo […]

Generational Shift

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA I’m at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta during the 2019 Tilt-Up Convention and Expo, sitting around a table with 18 founding individuals of Tilt-Up Industry Leaders of Tomorrow (TILT), the association’s new young professionals’ collaborative. We’re discussing next steps for the group, including a more focused consideration of initiatives, […]


Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA Construction innovation has been on my mind a lot lately, as I think about how we – my teammates, my organization, those of you in the TCA and the tilt-up construction industry overall – can best meet the challenges that are facing our businesses. Labor concerns, climate change, international […]

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