Supporting our Growing International Community

Español | Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA Our friend Jorge Figueroa Silva, CEO of Tilt-Up Asesores SA de CV, presented a talk at the 2022 Tilt-Up Convention and Expo in Denver, Colorado, titled, “Tilt-Up in Mexico: Challenges and Opportunities.” In it, he outlined how construction in Mexico is influenced by the processes and technological advances […]

Hand the Torch

Español | Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA As I write my last TCA president’s letter, I look back on my TCA involvement throughout my career. I was first elected to the TCA’s Board of Directors back in 2010. In 2011, I did my first TCA presentation at our convention. I can remember, back in 2011, […]

Check Your Braces

Español | Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA In the field, after your tilt up panels are erected, you must check your braces after every storm or wind event to assure all the brace bolts are tight to secure the braces!  If your are a manager of people, you need to act like the people you […]

Tilt-Up Icon Tour

Español | Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA I am an active advocate of historic preservation. I believe that the community as a whole has a right to the architectural heritage of its place, and it is our responsibility as architects, engineers, and contractors to preserve its authenticity and add to it in a way that […]

Brace Yourself Like a Tilt-Up Panel

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA Brace yourself for the uncertain times ahead. I believe we are experiencing the most unpredictable times of our lives.  We all have more work than we can do, which is a blessing, but these times are so uncertain. The fuel price is the highest it’s been in our lifetimes; […]

See you in Denver

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA The Mile High City is located on high rolling plains at the doorstep of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. The series of formidable snowcapped peaks make up a picturesque mountain panorama visible from Denver that spreads 140 miles long with 200 visible named peaks, including 32 that […]

Growing Pains

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA The current state of the tilt-up concrete market, from volume and opportunity standpoints, is the best it’s ever been in my lifetime. If you are wanting to get into the tilt-up design and/or construction market, now is the time. The market demand for this great product is at an […]

Influence vs Expertise

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA The Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) recently published an updated list of tilt-up industry influencers. As with the first release in the spring of 2020, the announcement was shared on social media, posted on company websites, and celebrated among colleagues. Interestingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, the coverage caused some to […]


Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA As I write this President’s letter today for Tilt-Up Today magazine, I have been asking myself to think of one word that would best describe the current state of the TCA and the tilt-up industry.  “BLESSED” is the first word that comes to mind, and it is so true. […]

The Right Way

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA I had the honor of filling in for Shawn Hickey during World of Concrete as I presented the 4-hour tilt-up certification preparatory seminar to a packed room of certification candidates. After giving them the disappointing news that I was their substitute teacher for the day due to Shawn being […]

Facilitating Community Action

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA “I Have Looked Upon the Community as the Unit of Social Organization in Which Lies the Greatest Element of Hope for Permanent Progress.”I Following our virtual gathering in October of 2020, I wrote a letter expounding the importance of being a community. On the surface, it’s obvious and could […]

2021 Convention Success, the Big Box Market, and Keeping an Architectural Focus

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA Despite being in a global pandemic, we just had an in-person, SAFE, and successful 2021 TCA convention in September in my hometown, in the great “show me” state of Missouri! It was a pleasure and an honor of a lifetime for Concrete Strategies to host this year’s TCA convention!  […]

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