2022 Tilt-Up Industry Influencers

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA In 2019, the Tilt-Up Concrete Association developed a framework to identify those in our industry who have invested in becoming knowledgeable, qualified, and recognized for their expertise. The first listing of tilt-up industry influencers was published in 2020. Continuously evolving, this listing serves to affirm the experience of professionals […]

Tilting the Future in Their Favor

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA Seventeen studentsfrom the GE Johnson Department of Architectural Engineering and Construction Science, at Kansas State University, have received Tilt-Up Concrete Technician Certification following completion of coursework and successfully passing an exam administered by the American Concrete Institute (ACI). The following students (all earning their construction science and management degrees) […]


Tilt-Up Future Think is back and it’s headed to Chicago on May 16. In a business climate where everyone is asked to do more with less, today’s design and construction professionals have little time to devote to the research of emerging technologies and the future of their industry. As such, the TCA Board of Directors […]

OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) For Covid-19 Vaccinations Stayed

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA Perhaps you caught wind of the emergency temporary standard (ETS) developed by the Occupational Safety & Health Association (OSHA) that became effective on November 5, 2021. Much has been presented on this in various settings and information sources. Of primary importance to each company represented by the likely readers […]

Slides, Slabs, and Millennials, Oh My!

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA By Katt Price, Michael Frew, and Joe Kirby With the TCA Convention back and stronger than ever this year, the Tilt-Up Industry Leaders of Tomorrow (TILT) kicked off festivities by renting out St. Louis’s prized City Museum. This 10-story, 600,000-square-foot, interactive, surreal museum complete with castles, climbing walls, and […]

Selecting Relevant Education During World of Concrete—Baty’s Top 10 List

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA The Tilt-Up Concrete Association has played a significant role in the education offerings for World of Concrete (WOC) for many years. Contributing education tracks with thought leadership by former executive director, Ed Sauter, current executive director, Mitch Bloomquist, TCA’s manager for technical and regularoty affairs, James Baty, and influential […]

A Major Win—Motor Carrier Insurance Increase Not Carried in Federal Legislation Proposal

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA Previously, the Tilt-Up Concrete Association has served notice of Transportation & Infrastructure legislation being developed that would result in a federally mandated increase in minimum liability coverage for all commercial motor vehicles from $750,000 per truck to a proposed $2,000,000. TCA’s manager for technical and regulatory affairs, James Baty, […]

TILT LAB – Call for Research Proposals

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA The mission of Tilt Lab includes identifying, funding, and executing programs necessary to advance the tilt-up industry and disseminating the results of these projects. Tilt Lab maintains a list of research needs of the tilt-up industry. This list is primarily for the benefit of those applying for Tilt Lab […]

Tilt-Up’s Best Awarded Under the Gateway Arch

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA The tilt-up industry’s top professionals gathered at the St. Louis Gateway Arch to honor those organizations, people, and projects that have successfully illustrated the variety, beauty, and flexibility of tilt-up construction. The Tilt-Up Awards Gala, sponsored by Nox-Crete Inc. and Fenix Construction Company, occurred during the 2021 Tilt-Up Convention […]

Why Glue Don’t Work

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA By Chad Bruce, president, GluDown, Inc. Executive Summary GluDown, Inc. and KRÜSS Scientific has spent the last 18 months measuring tilt-up concrete slabs and the impact of using curing compounds, bond breakers as a curing compound, and applying densifiers to the concrete surface prior to the forming process. Using […]

Bondbreaker and Densifiers: Managing Expectations

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA By Derick Rainey Tilt-up construction is in a constant state of evolution. One of the most recent changes in our industry is the now common practice of applying a silicate-based densifier immediately after finishing the floor slab and prior to the application of bondbreaker. At first glance, it’s an […]

Concrete Strategies Takes the Outdoor Demo to New Levels

Español | Translation Sponsored by TCA In 2018, the then-TCA president, Tim Manherz, challenged his young, high-potential leaders, Chase Carter and Hector Valenzuela, to lead the TCA Outdoor Demo as part of the 2018 Tilt-Up Convention and Expo. TAS Commercial Concrete Construction LLC took the event to the next level with Chase and Hector’s leadership […]

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