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That’s a Wrap

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I met with TCA’s Executive Director, Mitch Bloomquist, several times in Iowa over the past year as I passed through Cedar Rapids. We’ve had the great opportunity to meet at several tilt-up events as well. Getting together to discuss big issues over a meal always seems to be more productive than a phone call or email. I was glad for the opportunity to do so. We have accomplished a lot this year. 

The young professional’s TILT program has been wildly successful and is self-sufficient with a great group of leaders. The current leaders already can teach and train the next generation of young leaders as they themselves are poised to progress through the ranks of their companies and within our strong organization.

The composite panel study is completed. The focus is now on the written design manual. Efforts to get this completed, and in the hands of the engineering community, are being made.

We have restructured the convention sponsorship program which provides more access to opportunities for our highly committed vendors. While change is always hard in the short term, the sacrifices that are made for long-term gains will make us much stronger. This is a great hurdle as we prepare to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the convention when we meet in Phoenix in 2024.

I look back and reflect on the big people in our industry—the past presidents of the TCA that came before me, the fellows, and the winners of achievement awards—to understand how they would feel in front of the larger and larger crowds in our growing organization. It’s noticeable to me as I stood in front of crowds for the past three years. I got to experience it firsthand, and I am still in awe and just have to say, “Wow, you guys!!” Not everyone has the charisma and the charm to hold a crowd’s attention. I do my best in a crowd but am better in one-on-one interactions. Looking back on the greats like Shawn Hickey, Barclay Gebel, and Jeffrey Brown, you get a sense of how special our organization is with their sense of command over the crowds that they speak. I may not be at their level of entertainment, but I feel like I can hold my own, and I have learned much from them. 

It’s not the first time I have noticed this; it’s like being a celebrity to network in our tight-knit community. I have appreciated this opportunity for growth, both personally and professionally. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. As they say in show biz, “That’s a Wrap.” I am excited to pass the reigns to Rick Galoway for the next scene of this show. He will do a fantastic job as president and will be the best entertainer he can be.

Peace out.

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