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E-Commerce Boom, Out of Stock, and Help Wanted!

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Photograph by St. Louis Photographer Jonathan Gayman.

All three of these items are having a HUGE effect on the tilt-up industry right now and for the foreseeable future! 

The e-commerce world is what is driving this best ever tilt-up economy, and “out of stock” and “help wanted” are big thorns in everyone’s sides!

The tilt-up industry is still on fire right now with no end in short-term sight, and great growth and opportunities for everyone! This is one of the only few positive things that came from the COVID-19 pandemic. With the pandemic, everyone figured out how easy is it is to order and buy things online and have them delivered to your home. This is the Amazon model that every commodity company in the world wants to follow and they all need to build or expand their distribution centers. Building distribution centers with tilt-up construction is the best alternative for companies that want a high quality, fast, safe, secure, and cost-effective building! 

Our industry is in a great position to deliver this tilt-up product to the marketplace, but it is not going to be easy and painless! We have discovered that “out of stock” and “help wanted” are the toughest items to manage on a project right now. It only takes one product, like a lifting insert, to be on backorder to stop and delay a project. Or, what if you find out the reinforcing crew just lost half of their crew because they accepted better offers to work for other companies? These are everyday problems now for all of us! 

How do we work together to solve these problems that we are facing as an industry? Now more than ever there is a big advantage that is paramount to your company’s success to join and be involved in the TCA. The TCA is back with in-person events starting at the Saint Louis Convention. There are many great future events being planned now! Stay tuned and get involved!  

Barclay Gebel


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