New Largest Spandrel Panel Tops TCA Top Ten List

By: Wendy Ward Constructive Communication, Inc. TCA has announced a new largest spandrel panel on the Top Ten list. The new titleholder is the 125-foot long spandrel panel for the NSA-8 Office and Hangar in Scottsdale, Ariz. “We’re quite excited to learn about this project,” said Jim Baty, technical director of the TCA. “Not […]

BIM and Tilt-Up: Working Together

By: Amy Numbers Constructive Communication, Inc. In today’s fast-paced and cost-driven construction environment, professionals in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry are constantly seeking techniques to increase project efficiency, decrease overall cost, improve the project delivery schedule, and generate the best product possible. One technology currently available to assist building professionals achieve these goals […]

Putting On A Beautiful Face: New-Generation Patching Compounds Help Meet The Demands of Fine Architecture

By: Michael Chusid, RA FCSI ACI and Steven H. Miller Tilt-Up has become an architecturally sophisticated form of construction, and finishing methods have matured with it. Few contractors still use the old-fashioned method of sand-and-cement sacking. Most have switched to specialized patching compounds. But when a new material is put into a craftsman’s hands, unexpected […]

Theme of Annual Convention Set

TCA has announced the theme and date for its fourth annual convention, to be held Oct. 1-4 in Phoenix, Ariz. According to Ed Sauter, TCA Executive Director, “Highlighting Tilt-Up Achievement” was selected as the theme to showcase the most challenging Tilt-Up projects ever constructed. “Seminars and roundtable sessions will discuss the engineering and construction challenges faced […]

Message From the President: Making History

In the daily work of accomplishing our projects, we often don’t consider the long-term impact of our work or the legacy we will leave. Yet, it’s inevitable that the buildings we participate in creating leave a lasting impact upon both the environment in which they exist and the people who come in contact with them. […]

Message From the Director: The TCA Fall 2008 Convention — Rising to the Challenge

The Tilt-Up Concrete Association will hold its 4th Annual Convention this fall in Phoenix, Arizona. The theme for this year’s convention will be “Rising to the Challenge.” When you attend some of the seminars and view some of the highlighted buildings, you will understand. We have a great line-up. Both days will start with relevant […]

Message From the Director: Awards, Awards, Awards!

How long can the industry keep it up? I am referring to, of course, the amazing diversity and number of Tilt-Up projects submitted each year for the Achievement Awards program. One hundred and five projects were submitted this year in eleven categories. There weren’t any “Sibaya Casino” projects this year, but there was greater depth […]

Evolution: TCA Announces Winners of International Competition

Evolution—it is the mark that identifies quality in professionals and it is the evidence that substantiates building technology. The process of evolution can be so dramatic at times that observation leaves you with the sense of “what more can be done?” Professionals in the Tilt-Up industry have once again risen to the challenge. Tilt-Up form […]

Message From the President: TCA Has ‘Big Mo’

Momentum. You see it at sporting events when one team seems to have everything going their way. I believe the Tilt-Up Concrete Association and the Tilt-Up industry as a whole have a lot of momentum. Do you see it? Do you feel it? The field of Tilt-Up is evolving at a rapid rate, as showcased […]

Panel Forming

By: Ed Sauter Tilt-Up Concrete Association Tilt-Up panel shapes are limited only by the imagination of the designers and the skill of the craftsman. A look at some of the award submittals of the past several years will put to rest any thoughts that site-cast Tilt-Up is limited. While rectangular panels are still the norm, […]

Tilt-Up Safety — Inherent When Planned

By Jim Baty, Tilt-Up Concrete Association There is a buzz in the construction industry that is growing at an annual rate of 14-18 percent per year. Growing perilously close to a billion square feet of enclosed building area per year, the Tilt-Up industry offers a great deal of excitement to all that are realizing the […]

TCA Announces Winners of International Design Competition: TCA/PCA Storm Housing 2007

By: Amy Numbers, Constructive Communication, Inc. The Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) has announced the winners of “TCA/PCA Storm Housing 2007,” an international design competition. Students in the field of architecture, currently in graduate or undergraduate programs, were invited to present conceptual designs for a storm-resistant housing complex located along the Gulf Coast using site cast […]

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