Understanding Search Engine Optimization

By: Brian Gallagher, Vice President Structural Group It is no secret that technology and the Internet have had a tremendous impact on how people search for information for Architectural/Engineering/Construction (AEC) products, services and technologies. Those companies that are the most agile and quick to respond to this growing trend will reap the biggest rewards. As with […]

Thoughts from a LEED AP

Joe Piedimonte, a green building project manager and CFO of Castroville-based Ausonio Incorporated, is a LEED accredited professional with over 20 years experience in the construction and retail industries. His LEED accreditation is in New Construction as well as Existing Buildings. He coordinated LEED submittals for Ausonio on the Chartwell School Platinum LEED project. Piedimonte can […]

Connections in Tilt-Up Buildings

By: Ed Sauter, Tilt-Up Concrete Association Lifting panels is always the most exciting time on a Tilt-Up job, but what comes after lifting is perhaps even more important to the proper performance of the structure. The very nature of a Tilt-Up building, or any rigid wall flexible diaphragm structure, is the interaction between the walls, […]

Insulated Sandwich Panels

By: Darryl Dixon Composite Technologies Corp. TIPS FOR INSULATED SANDWICH WALL PANELS In the U.S., it is estimated that buildings consume 65 percent of the electricity generated and produce 30 percent of the national output of greenhouse gases. This has produced a shift in design and construction practices towards methods that significantly reduce the negative […]

Wall Bracing to Slab-on-Ground Floors

By: David L. Kelly, consultant — retired from Meadow Burke This article originally appeared in the July 2007 issue of ‘Concrete International.’ In the Tilt-Up construction method, concrete wall panels are typically cast in a horizontal position on a ground-supported slab. Because the size (and weight) of a typical Tilt-Up panel can be quite high, […]

TCA Announces Two Speakers for Annual Convention

TCA has announced two speakers for its fourth annual Convention to be held Oct. 1-4 in Phoenix, Ariz. Julie Buffenbarger, LEED AP, will be speaking on sustainability. An engineering and architectural sales specialist for Lafarge Cement, Buffenbarger will discuss how the practice of sustainable design involves the careful selection of building materials, design details and […]

New Heaviest Panel Tops TCA Top Ten List

TCA has announced a new heaviest panel on the Top Ten list. The new titleholder is the 339,000-pound panel for the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, Fla. “Tilt-Up continues to grow into a wide variety of markets and this project demonstrates all that innovative design and construction teams are doing to make projects a reality,” said […]

Message From the President: Tilt-Up Architecture With A Capital ‘A’

In 2005, the TCA published the first edition of “The Architecture of Tilt-Up”. The title was carefully selected from many possible choices such as “Architectural Design in Tilt-Up”, “Tilt-Up Design”, and other variations involving the words style, architectural, aesthetics, and design. I learned many years ago in school that architects often make a distinction between […]

Message From the Director: ‘Top 10’ Tilt-Up Projects

In this day and age everyone wants to know where they stand. Who is the best – not just now, but of all-time. After watching 8,000 hours of Olympics coverage (and that’s just prime time regular network coverage) and their discussion regarding the best Olympic athlete of all-time, I thought it would be a good […]

Message From the Director: Awards, Awards, Awards!

How long can the industry keep it up? I am referring to, of course, the amazing diversity and number of Tilt-Up projects submitted each year for the Achievement Awards program. One hundred and five projects were submitted this year in eleven categories. There weren’t any “Sibaya Casino” projects this year, but there was greater depth […]

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