Promoting Tilt-Up in a Non-Tilt-Up Market

by: Kimberly Corwin What does it take to get a new construction concept started? A farming background. I am a farmer’s daughter from the Midwest transplanted into East Greenwich, RI. I have been in the construction industry for over 20 years. For the last 5 years I have been on a mission to promote and grow Tilt-Up in a non […]

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

By: Brian Gallagher, Vice President Structural Group It is no secret that technology and the Internet have had a tremendous impact on how people search for information for Architectural/Engineering/Construction (AEC) products, services and technologies. Those companies that are the most agile and quick to respond to this growing trend will reap the biggest rewards. As with […]

Creating Effective Project Sheets

By: Wendy Ward, Constructive Communication, Inc. How many times have you scheduled a meeting with a potential client or business partner and realized that you don’t have any materials that show the recent great projects that you have completed? This scenario leads to a scramble to assemble photos and facts about the project. All the […]

Tackling the Elevator Speech

By: Kimberly Kayler CPSM, CSI, Constructive Communication, Inc. Although the phrase “elevator speech” has been used in marketing circles for years, it has become a hot topic recently with those I talk to in the industry. While we have all worked hard to get our logo usage consistent, keep our website updated and spend the […]

Planning Your Marketing Budget for 2007

By: Kimberly Kayler, Constructive Communication Inc. For decades, design firms have struggled with the concept of marketing. In fact, marketing is a relatively new concept to those in the design community as it has only occurred in recent years. This has led to many firms who have never budgeted for marketing expenditures struggling to track […]

Grow Your Business by Marketing and Selling Tilt-Up

By: Ed Sauter, Tilt-Up concrete Association One of the most fundamental components of owning and operating a business is being able to sell your services or products. While this is one of the most basic tasks, it can also be one of the most challenging. Key to success in marketing and selling is having a […]

Message From the Director: Market Transition

We are putting the final touches on Tilt-Up growth figures for the year 2005. It appears that Tilt-Up, as an industry, will surpass 1⁄4 billion square foot of wall and 3⁄4 billion square feet of building in the United States for the year ending December 31, 2005. While we have accurate numbers on the square […]

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