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TCA Positions for the Future of Energy Efficiency

Validated by the recent aggressive changes found in the last two versions of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), the TCA is positioned to serve as a major industry resource to building designers.

Beginning with the 2009 IECC and ending with the recently released 2012 IECC, building envelopes constructed under the jurisdiction of this code are held to a very high standard of performance.  This standard, however, is demonstrated as common to modern day Tilt-Up state-of-the-art.

TCA Staff has prepared the following study of the 2012 IECC for reference and identified the solutions and education now available through the TCA for the general industry.

  • Building envelopes under the jurisdiction of the 2012 IECC are required to have continuous insulation of no less than an R-value of 5.7 (mass walls only) in any climate location.
  • Building envelopes constructed with stud or intermediate support systems now require both cavity and continuous insulation or an increase in cavity insulation by a minimum of 35%.

Tilt-Up building technology offers multiple insulation system options for delivering effective continuous insulation.

  • Building envelopes in all climate zones 4 and higher (approx.. Mason/Dixon line north) require a tested or documented air barrier.
  • Building envelopes must maintain continuity of air barrier and performance across all seams, changes of material and changes of plane.

Tilt-Up buildings qualify for air-barrier performance naturally with existing state-of-the-art construction.  The reduction of “seams” due to larger panels with continuous reinforced concrete further reduce the complexity of delivering effective air-barrier performance.

In order to assist the design and construction industries in recognizing the effective solutions that are more easily implemented with Tilt-up building technology, the TCA has produced an informative presentation delivering the components of the latest energy standards that impact the general building envelope and offering the total package solutions found in Tilt-Up.

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  1. Jim Baty says:

    This effort has now led to a 1-hr presentation accredited by the AIA for HSW credits and the USGBC for LEED AP credits.

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