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Tilt-Up Concrete Association Expands Strategic Focus with Advisory Boards for Mexico and Canada

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The Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) is pleased to formally announce the establishment of two dedicated advisory boards for Mexico and Canada. This initiative aligns with TCA’s strategic direction, reinforcing its commitment to deepening grassroots engagement and enhancing its presence in pivotal markets, all while upholding global standards of excellence.

Acknowledging Regional Nuances

In the United States, we recognize that tilt-up markets exhibit distinct characteristics from one region to another. Similarly, we anticipate and respect the rich tapestry of regional variations that exist within the tilt-up sectors of both Canada and Mexico. As has been our approach in the US, TCA aims to spotlight unique practices, techniques, and region-specific knowledge for the collective enrichment of the tilt-up community. At the same time, we strive to understand the unique conditions of each region, build on lessons learned, and foster a collaborative environment where shared experiences drive innovation and excellence.

Strategic Continuation

The formation of the Mexican and Canadian Advisory Boards epitomizes TCA’s enduring strategy of fostering community and addressing the unique, regional market needs of these nations. By integrating local expertise and perspectives, these boards will play an instrumental role in ensuring TCA’s initiatives align seamlessly with regional requirements and aspirations.


Heading the Mexican Advisory Board is Mr. Jorge Figueroa Silva, president of Tilt-Up Asesores in Monterey, Mexico. Beyond foundational knowledge, Silva’s significant contributions lie in his relentless endeavors to advance the tilt-up markets in Mexico and Latin America. Engaging in initiatives under the Tilt-Up Supervisor and Technician Certification Program—a joint venture between the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA)— Silva consistently promotes professional certification and education. With tilt-up construction gaining traction in other Latin American regions, Silva’s role as a steward of tilt-up knowledge is paramount. He actively ensures that emerging markets benefit from best practices and rigorous standards, championing the cause with a vision of integrity, sustainability, and growth.

In Canada, the advisory board is bolstered by the expertise of Mr. Len Overbeek, a luminary in tilt-up construction. As the cofounder of Tilt Wall Ontario, Overbeek has consistently advocated for the myriad benefits of tilt-up construction, demonstrating its versatility, efficiency, and durability through both his professional projects and educational seminars across Ontario. His unyielding commitment to the industry was recently recognized when he was honored with the Murray Parker Memorial Award, a distinction reserved for those who have made significant strides in expanding the horizons of the tilt-up industry. Overbeek’s approach to sharing knowledge isn’t limited to peers and clients; he extends his efforts to competitors as well, underscoring his genuine commitment to the growth and evolution of the tilt-up method in the region.

Forward Momentum

The introduction of these advisory boards underscores TCA’s unwavering commitment to grassroots initiatives, sustained excellence, and innovation in the tilt-up industry. It signifies a proactive approach to continuous growth and deeper engagement, as well as a synergistic blend of global and local perspectives.

Stakeholders and industry professionals seeking detailed information about the advisory boards and TCA’s broader initiatives in Mexico and Canada are encouraged to refer to official TCA publications and communications.

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